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Tidung Island bridge of love

Tidung Island bridge of love - An appeal of the attraction Tidung Island in addition to the white sand beaches and the scenery is very beautiful . Jembatan Pulau Tdung There is a building that is a concern to many tourists who attend this place , namely Tidung Island Bridge of Love .
Tidung Island Bridge of LoveThe bridge called the Bridge of Love for connecting between Tidung small island with a big Tidung Island , so it will look once a very close relationship as a love line between the two islands .
The beauty of the above island Tidung Bridge of Love is also very beautiful, besides you can walk around and see the sights browse sea bridge that spans a very wide , you can also clearly be able to see coral reefs with small fish that swim there and here . That's because the water on the beach island of the Song is very clear at all , and without the help of the tool you can see with good sea views .
Love this bridge has a length of approximately 800 meters to 850 meters with the central bridge of love at a height of 10 meters . Here you will see a lot of local and foreign tourists who are conducting a variety of activities ranging pulau tidung from taking pictures , fishing , lounging and swimming near the shore .
Jumping from the top of the Bridge of Love is a thing that is often done by the tourists , and it takes courage to make the leap from a height of 10 meters . It is one of the exciting experiences that you get when on holiday to the island Tidung .Incoming search terms :

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