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Senin, 30 Juni 2014

other pests

other pests
In addition to mice, several other species of mammals that are pests of oil palm squirrel, wild boar, and others.
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Palm Plant Diseases
Disease-causing oil palm plantations are several types of microorganisms such as fungi (fungi), bacteria, and viruses. Diseases that attack crops in general very difficult to curb. Eradication action is commonly done is by cutting the stricken plant, dismantling, and burning.

Because it is difficult pemberantasannya, then the best course of action is to take preventive action. Some crop a little precaution to prevent or avoid the disease includes, among others, with the reisiten seedling nursery, isolation, destruction / burning trees that pain and use of chemical substances. Some penyakita important and often attack oil palms, to be elaborated further.

Blast disease (disease root)
Plants do not grow normally, weak, and leaves changing color from green to yellow (necrosis). Starting from the leaf tip necrosis and plant death a few days later. Seedlings or adult plants that attacked the roots to rot.

Mushrooms Rhizoctania lamellifera and Phytium sp.

Doing good cultivation is an efficient way for the prevention of this disease. Among other actions to make a good seedbed to seed healthy and strong, providing enough water and shade during the dry season, and others.

Basal stem rot or Ganoderma (basal stem rotting disease)
Pale green leaves and young leaves (leaf) form a little, shriveled old leaves, broken in pelepahnya, and hanging on the trunk. More stem base blackened, rubber (gum = blendok) out of the infected, and finally stem the rot with light brown color. Finally, the top of the plant and stem falling down.

Applanatum Ganoderma mushroom,
Taruhan Bola OnlineGanoderma lucidum and Ganoderma pseudofferum.
This fungus will spread to healthy plants if the roots touched the tree stumps that are sick.

Prevention and eradication
Before planting, clean source of infection. Especially if the acreage of oil palm is a former coconut plantation land or palm oil, stumps should be dismantled and burned.
Crops are attacked should be dismantled and burned. Dug a trench around the plants, and plants that have not been attacked dibumbun.

Upper stem rot (rotten disease stems on)
the color of the bottom leaves turn color and eventually die. The situation is evolving quickly got attacked leaf bud. Further decomposition occurs on the trunk. Stem rot, about 2 m above the ground, will be colored grayish brown

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Formex noxius mushrooms. The disease is closely linked to elements of K deficiency and infection by spores at the time of pruning.

Senin, 23 Juni 2014

Worm Lumbricus Rubellus

Worm Lumbricus Rubellus
2.3. Earthworm Feed

SayaPoker.com Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia Earthworms feed is very easy and practical obtained as waste decomposed vegetable or fruit waste.Could also use rice bran, corn bran smooth, low protein yield pellets. It could also be from household waste such as leftover rice, etc..Earthworms break down food equal to the weight of body weight / day.That is, 1kg seed worms will spend on food weighing 1kg also within 1x24 hours.

Image: Worms and Mixed Media Feed from Waste Vegetable

2.4. Earthworm Benefits
Very many benefits of earthworms. Can a Fish Feed, medicines, cosmetics, decomposing organic fertilizer, etc.. But in this case we are discussing the use of earthworms only limited natural food alone. Please if earthworms have a lot if you want to resell as seed or as feed. Lipstick or heat the solution Pereda is one of the products made from earthworm J

Image: Worms and Meal Worms Dry
2.5. Counts Cost of Cultivation Means Making Earthworm
To make 1 rack worm size 1mtr x 2mtr like I've made and there in the picture is as follows:
10 bamboo rod @ Rp 5,000, -/batang. Each different area prices. This has included making bamboo shelf stretcher worms and worm to medium size 50cm x 100cm soil as much as 12 litters. 1 4 tiers shelf stretcher so that the contents of 1 shelf worm contains 12 litters.For plastic tarpaulin stretcher worms 1mtr x 1.5 mtr width. Stitched with nylon thread for strength. If I buy in bulk plastic sheeting. The price is Rp 3.500/meter.
Costs in order to get the details as follows:
10 stems of bamboo @ Rp 5.000, - = Rp 50.000, -Tarpaulins media stretcher stretcher 12 x 1.5 mtr2 x Rp 3,500 = Rp 63.000, -The roof sheeting 10mtr2 x Rp 3,500 = U.S. $ 35.000, -Wall shelf worms 4 sides x 5mtr2 x Rp 3,500, - = Rp 70.000, -The total cost of Shelves worms 1mtr wide x 2mtr = Rp 218,000, -
Very cheap is not it?

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYANote: 1 litter containing media can be filled 15kg 0.5 kg seed worms and if maintained for 4 months can produce 5kg - 7.5 kg earthworms following cocon / worm eggs are ready to hatch and can be bred again.

a type of freshwater fish commonly consumed. Natural dispersal of fish this is Africa and in Indonesian waters were first discovered by Mr. Mujair in Serang River estuary south coast Blitar, East Java in 1939. Though still a mystery, how the fish get to the remote estuary south of Blitar, inevitably fish was named 'tilapia' to the memory of this penemu.ikan have enormous tolerance to salt / salinity. This type of fish has a growth rate that is relatively faster than the other fish, but as an adult accelerated growth will decline. The maximum length that can be achieved tilapia fish is 40 cm.1. Tilapia fishTilapia fish is a freshwater fish consumption, form lamellar bodies with gray, brown or black. This fish comes from the waters of Africa and was first discovered by the father in Indonesia Mujair in south coast estuaries Attack Blitar in East Java in 1939. Tilapia fish have enormous tolerance to salt / salinit as. This type of fish has a growth rate that is relatively faster, but as an adult accelerated growth will decline. The total length of th
ituDomino.com JUDI DOMINO, AGEN DOMINO, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA e maximum achievable tilapia fish is 40 cm.2. SPREADCenter for fisheries there are areas of West Java, Central Java, Sumatra, Borneo.

Selasa, 17 Juni 2014

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Otros posts relacionados haga clic en Mi jardínAcerca de estos anuncios


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Para estimular el crecimiento de las raíces, remojar las semillas durante 24 horas antes de la plantación de tulipanes.
Una vez que la semilla es plantada tulipanes, por ejemplo, me hizo todo cultivar en macetas, a continuación, coloque la olla en un lugar fresco temperaturas ambientes oscuros unos 5-10 grados durante 8-12 semanas. Después de crecer unos centímetros se pueden quitar y poner en su lugar hay luz, pero no sol directo. Las temperaturas de 15 a 20 cm podrían acelerar su crecimiento, pero en un principio todavía tiene que pasar por la temperatura fría que sí.
Remoje las semillas antes de plantar Tulip 24 Horas

Durante cuatro temporadas en el país, la semilla de tulipán fue plantado en el principio de septiembre a diciembre, y Tulip tiene que pasar el invierno. Con la aprobación de las temperaturas extremas (frío), da una señal a la semilla, por lo que comenzó a crecer.
Si queremos acelerar (acelerar) el crecimiento y la siembra temprana, las plántulas pueden entramos en el refrigerador (la nevera) hasta que crece unos centímetros, pero no en el congelador es sí.

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Las plántulas se pueden sembrar directamente en macetas o en el suelo. Si hay una posibilidad en la tierra directamente comido por las ratas, lo anterior podemos poner un grano de tulipán cable a tierra y luego apilados. Por ejemplo, haga clic aquí.
Para estimular el crecimiento de las plántulas de los tulipanes, además de poner la nevera, también puede poner las semillas de tulipanes en un recipiente de vidrio que contenía piedras pequeñas, vierta agua hasta varios centímetros. El agua no debe tocar las raíces del tulipán, las raíces crecerán y la búsqueda de fuentes de agua. Su guía de gráfico, haga clic aquí o haga clic aquí.

Nunca Uno de Cultivo sí, las raíces golpes en la parte inferior
Cómo Plantar y cuidar de la flor del tulipánFeb28
Tulip flores son flores muy hermosas en esta ocasión menbahas sobre plantar la flor del tulipán es muy hermosa y se convierte en un tulipán arreglos florales.
Flor del tulipán es muy bonito, con colorido encantador. Muchas personas que quieren plantar tulipanes para disfrutar keindah diversos colores. Incluso puede disfrutar a partir de la primavera al verano. Este tulipán es muy bueno si se planta en una zona que tiene un clima seco en verano y el clima frío durante el invierno. Algunos tulip
Nella Nella Silaen Silaenanes tienen un solo color y color del doble. Formulario de tulipanes eran diferentes formas que vanAgen Judi Bola desde simples a formas más complejas. Tulipanes se pueden utilizar como flores cortadas.

Kamis, 12 Juni 2014

Manisdan dareemo midab cad oo cusub, halka isku qasidda

Manisdan dareemo midab cad oo cusub, halka isku qasidda jaalle ah oo u dhexeeya labada midabada on top. Form of warshad durba waa la mid geed tiin in Ballaariyay tendrils sidii bahal weyn ee hooyo ku xayiran soo baxay a. Celceliska miisaanka + 600 s.d 800 Gram.
MIRAHA masduulaagii ahaa Imaamu Axmadna
* In aan isu miisaamo heerarka sonkorta dhiigga.
* Dhiigga nadiifi.
* Xoojinta ginajal.
* Beerka Healthy.
* Daaweyno Beauty.
* Waxay xoojisaa awoodda maskaxda.
* In la horumariyo macaamiloon Eye.

BUNDAPOKER.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA * In la yareeyo socodka cabashada ee kulaylka iyo boogaha.
* Mensatbilkan Cadaadiska Dhiigga.
* In la yareeyo Cabashooyinka anfac badan.
* In la yareeyo kolestarool ah iyo si looga hortago kansarka mindhicirka.
* Iska ilaali caloosha iyo saxarada Streamlining.
Oo masduulaagii MIRAHA beerto
1 Shuruudaha beerto:. No saamayn on tayada ciidda, wax kasta oo nooca beerto waxaa la samayn karaa. Waxaa loo baahan cindiga ku full. Gobollada torobical ku haboon warshad this.
2. Xeebeedka waa in la isticmaalaa for boholo dheecaan soo aagga kebun.Dan isticmaalka ulo ka astaameeyo / tiin lagu qiyaaso 10cm x baseka 10cm x 150cm.Tiang waxaa inta badan ka samaysan alwaax ama qoryo la taaban karo u ogaato fur galay ciidda at 50cm qoto dheer leh kala dheereynta a of 2, 5 x 3cm.
3. Abuur kala dheereynta wanaagsan waa 2.5 x 2 mitir iyo tiir kasta oo lagu beeray 4 abuurka, sidaas si 1ha ka kooban yahay 2000 iyo 8000 abuurka masduulaagii ahaa tiirarka miro dhirta.
4. Dayactirka of cover dhirta, tendrils warshad daryeel si looga fogaado DLLs dhaawac, xaaladaha ciidda keasamn jeegga caadiga ah, cayayaan iyo xakamaynta cudurka oo ay ku jiraan dayactirka fayadhowrka degaanka, ha ahaato in sariiro ama polybags. Dhididku agagaarka beero waa in had iyo jeer lagu hayn gooyn abuur ma la kulmaan abaarta. Laakiin maanka ku hayo in marka ay qabanayaan waraabinta ka, si looga fogaado in la siiyo Arsinal biyo xad dhaaf ah si looga fogaado, tan iyo balligii Tanoo keeni cudur, gaar ahaan cu
UBCPOKER.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayadurada la xididka ah. Ama waraabiyo geedo lagu samayn karaa subax kasta oo keliya helay xaaladaha ciidda runtii qoyan si ay maalinta ku xigta ahaa ku filan koritaanka miraha geedka. Si kastaba ha ahaatee, haddii

Selasa, 10 Juni 2014

World energy crisis in the second half of this

World energy crisis in the second half of this year are classified as severe and sweeping across the countries in the world have raised confidence that bioenergy is an alternative to solving it. While oil prices have soared in recent by itself generate Kakakdewa.com Agen Judi Bola Resmi Taruhan Judi online Terpercaya economic incentives for the development bionergi as an alternative to fossil energy is increasingly expensive and scarce. The incentives also arise due to the growing concern world countries on environmental problems due to the increasingly severe pollution, arising from the use of exhaust gas emissions of fossil energy. Excellence is the main bionergi renewable and penggunaannnya impact on the environment is much more friendly than fossil energy use over the years.
Indonesia is one country that is facing a serious energy problems due to heavy reliance on fossil fuels, while the development of bioenergy as an alternative to still less attention. Indeed Indonesia to develop bioenergy potential is relatively large, both bioethanol and biodiesel.One of the relatively large potential for the development of bio-ethanol is made from sugarcane. Assuming 80 liters of bioethanol can be produced from 1 ton of cane (technical data in Brazil) and cane productivity average of 80 tonnes per ha, then from each hectare of land can produce 6,400 liters of sugarcane ethanol. If ethanol from sugarcane can substitute 10% of gasoline needs in 2010 (33.4 billion liters), then the target can be achieved by the development of sugarcane area covering 522 thousand hectares. With the substitution targets, the amount of gasoline that can be substituted for 3:34 billion liters or more than Rp 15 trillion. Survey data shows the availability of land outside Java are suitable for sugarcane approximately
Banteng88 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014750 thousand hectares, in addition to the existing industrial area of ​​potential arael 420 thousand ha (Indonesian sugarcane acreage in 1993/1994)
Ethanol derived from sugar cane in some ways more prospective than other crops. Data Lamlet (Latin America Thematic Network on Bioenergy) shows ethanol production costs are cheaper. For every m3 of ethanol produced from sugar cane would cost $ 160. Compare with other sources. Of corn, for example, for the same amount needed $ 250-420, from wheat $ 380 - 480, of potatoes $ 800-900, $ 700 from cassava, sugar beet and from $ 300-400. Origin of sugarcane ethanol production takes relatively little energy. The ratio of output / input energy of ethanol from sugar cane around 2,5.9,0. While the corn 1.3, sweet sorghum ethanol from sugar cane. Aris Toharisman (P3GI Pasuruan) 3 2.5-5.0, and sugar beet 1.76. In addition, the reduction of CO2 emissions in the use of sugarcane ethanol as a substitute home premium reaches 50-90%. For ethanol from corn is only 20-40% and 30-50% sugar beet.Indonesia as a country that has a variety of renewable natural resources is potentially produce bioenergy. However, in its development, biofuels produced using a lot of biomass that can be used as food. Bioethanol, for example, is made from materials that are starchy and sugary foods. This will adversely affect the food supply. If the biofuel is made from continuous food, there will be competition between the frontal and energy food supply.
To avoid such competition, has developed technology Biofuel (BBN) second generation. Second-generation biofuel technology is a technology that is capable of producing biofuels, such as biodiesel or bioethanol from lignocellulosic materials. If we cultivate any crops, including food crops (to produce sugar, starch, oil-fat, etc.), material produced by the plant is the largest of lignocellulose. If the results of the agricultural and plantation harvested, li
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014gnocellulosic materials will be left behind as agricultural waste or residual use of plants and typically underutilized. This leads to potentially be used as a lignocellulosic raw material of biofuel production.

Sabtu, 07 Juni 2014

How to grow Jasmine Netherlands

How to grow Jasmine Netherlands. Take a jasmine tree seedlings or saplings Netherlands The mother, in the garden florist was definitely there, dutch jasmine trees can be planted in pots or directly on the ground, plant flowers Melatri try to always exposed to the sun because the plant is very good if exposed to sunlight.

How to care for Jasmine Flowers Netherlands:
- When finished flowering always trim so that the young shoots grow longer and bloom again and so on.

- Fertilizers with organic fertilizers / NPK fertilizers.
- Prepare propagation which is nice and strong / sturdy to support the Dutch flower blooming Jasmine flower meets the stem.
Let us do the Greening Your house is your house in Sweet Home
For more details please mate Mbah search on Google with the keyword"Jasmine Holland"

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Selasa, 03 Juni 2014

Ornamental fish traded in the world generally come from Asia

Ornamental fish traded in the world generally come from Asia ( Indonesia, Singapore , Malaysia , Thailand , Vietnam ) , most of South America , especially of the Amazon river region , mostly from Europe ( mainly Czech ) and a small part of Africa . But most are from Singapore , when in fact ornamental fish shipped from Singapore mostly comes from Indonesia , so it can be said Indonesia has a very big role in the international ornamental fish trade .
GLOBALBOLA.COM AGEN BOLA PIALA DUNIA 2014 SBOBET IBCBET CASINO POKER TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE TERBAIK TERBESAR DAN TERPERCAYAThe number of common ornamental fish traded reached 1,600 species and 750 of them come from freshwater . As a tropical country wide waters reaching two thirds of the entire region , Indonesia has a huge potential in the field of fisheries , in particular the number and ornamental fish species for freshwater fish alone is estimated at more than 300 types .
In America , especially in Brazil over many types of fish are better known in the world , rather than fish - fish originating from Indonesia , for example fish Cardinal Tetra , Neon Tetra , Discus , Redtail Catfish , type - type of fish Corydoras , type - type of fish broom , etc. . While the fish - lots of fish from Indonesia which is known only Botia fish , Arowana , Rainbow fish , and fish Rasbora , but there are many other types that have not been recognized internationally .
People - people who contributed to the world of freshwater fish among others Mr . Axelrod , Mr . Heiko Bleiher , Mr . Kamihata , they do a lot of expeditions around the world to find the kind of - a new kind of ornamental fish .
The fans of ornamental fish in the world was shocked by the discovery of Neon Tetra fish in 1936 , at the time the fish is sold at a price of U.S. $ 10 perekor . After that about the '50s discovered a new type of fluorescent known as the Cardinal Tetra , which was first marketed sold at a price of U.S. $ 5 perekor . In 10 years , since first discovered Cardinal became the most popular ornamental fish in the world , and today more than 60 years after the Cardinal is still the most widely spread fish throughout the world , each year about 20 million head Cardinal captured the fishing season ( August - april ) . In addition to Cardinal Tetra fish is a much-loved fish Botia

  1. sakaupoker.com agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya
Macrachanta ( Chromobotia macracanthus ) estimated sales reached number 5-10 million head / year

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