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Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013


Rely on proven strategies business success . It takes creativity and courage to realize the idea of ​​developing a business . One of them is to open a branch alat bantu sex  .

It did not take long to open a branch . The range of six to eight months is enough . Of course the length of time depends on the type of business. But interestingly , as said by the inventor of the concept Pecel Lele Lela , Rangga Umara , the timing is very relative depending on the courage of the entrepreneur .

According Rangga , within a period of eight months , the business should be developed . This is what happens to Pecel Lele Lela . In three years his business trip , this restaurant has grown to 14 branches in the Greater Jakarta area .

In principle , the opening of a branch aims to bring business to the customer . That is , bisnis online  fans can access the products you closer and faster . Or products can be found in a number of places most frequently visited by consumers . That way , each branch could have contributed more , and growing the business in a short time . Becomes important here is the guts and confidence to experiment .

"To be brave start to open a branch , because then can learn to solve bigger problems . If kept with a single place later preoccupation , can not hone skills , " said Rangga .

alat bantu sex This young entrepreneur has never failed with four branches opened . " Four branches to be closed due to site selection mistakes , " he said .

Rangga learn from these failures and find the formula , until now successfully manages 14 branches . To begin open a branch , you have to do this :
* Confidence
* Courage start
* Troubleshooting
* Willingness to learn
* Finding a new formula
* Dare to fail ( MB - 3 )

Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Observe love notes written in the Bible that Solomon

Observe love notes written in the Bible that Solomon the following :
" May he kiss me with the kisses ! Because your love is more delightful than wine , fragrant smell of oil, the oil is gushing like your name , therefore the girls love you ! " ( Song of Solomon 1 : 1-3 )
" I sleep , but my heart is awake . Listen , my beloved knocking  agen jual alat bantu sex  . " Open the door , my sister, my love , my dove , desire - my dream , because my head is full of dew , dew drops and hair full night ! " " My clothes have I took off , if I'm going to wear it again ? I washed my feet have , if I'm going mengotorkannyah anyway ? " ( Song of Solomon 5 : 2-3 )
Read also Song of Solomon 7 : 1-8 as follows:
( 1 ) . How beautiful your steps ith sandals , the daughter of the noble character ! Curved waist like jewels , the work of the hands of the artist .
( 2 ) . Your navel is like a round cup , which is no shortage of mixed wine . Your belly a heap of wheat , berpasgarh lilies .
( 3 ) . Like two kids rusah breasts , sepertiu deer twins .
( 4 ) . Your neck is like an ivory tower , your eyes are like a pond in Heshbon , by the gate Batrabim , nose like a tower on Mount Lebanon , overlooking Damascus.
( 5 ) . Your head is like Mount Carmel , head hair purple , seorangn king captive in braids - pigtails .
( 6 ) . How beautiful , how sweet thou, created between all favored .
( 7 ) . Body figure is like the palm tree and your breasts clusters .
( 8 ) . I said : " I will climb the palm tree and holding constellations thereof . Presumably your breasts like clusters of grapes and nose breath like apples .
If we look , all the writings of the Prophet Solomon ( Sulaiman ) in the Bible , all of it like a novel stories are essentially talking about how to seduce women .
It was highly inappropriate if there is one scripture that his book contains all the praise , flattery and seduction - seduction to women .
Never in a dialogue held at our home with Christian missionaries from the United States and the Netherlands , when we asked about the Prophet Solomon's writings , namely the Song - Song of Solomon , they were both telling the truth and plain that the Prophet Solomon's writings in the Bible , alat bantu sex not the diwahyukanh God ! Well then this proves that the Bible ( Bible ) not all of them contain the word of God .
Now let us read and refer to Bible verses Ezekiel writing the following, whether or not menganung porngrafi .
Read the Bible anyway Ezekiel 16 : 7-8 :
"You have been great and are old enough , even until the days of your youth . So already plump breasts , your hair is growing , but you naked naked . Then I passed by and I saw you , that you had reached the age of love lust . I spread out my fabric and cover your nakedness unto you . With the oath I have an agreement with you , declares the Lord God firms , and you became mine . "
Read more Bible Ezekiel 23 : 1-5 :
( 1 ) . Word of the Lord came to me :
( 2 ) . "Son of man , there were two women , a child of a single mother .
( 3 ) . They played the whore in Egypt , they were engaged in prostitution in his youth , there his milk breasts touched and touched and held - held virginity .
( 4 ) . The name is Ohola tertuah and his brother's name is Oholibah . I got them and they bore children lelakih and women . Regarding their names , Samaria is Ohola and Oholibah is Jerusalem .
( 5 ) . Zdan Ohola committed adultery , was he I have . He was very lust - pusat penjualan alat bantu sex  lover to lover , to ornag Assyria , war heroes .
Continue to read the Bible Ezekiel 23 : 18-20 following :
" Because he did persudnalannya openly and show their own nakedness , so I keep away from her , like I was alienated from her sister . He did much more persundalannyah while remembering to his youth, when she engaged in prostitution in the land of Egypt, he captivated his friends to become a prostitute , who auratnyah like genitalia ass and his penis like a horse penis . "
Actually pornographic verses in the book of Ezekiel , still quite a lot , but with some of the verse , is more than enough to prove that Altab actually contains many verses porn vulgar . Never in a debate with some pastors in Jakarta , ask about the type Akami pornographic passages , one pastor said, " That's honesty in the Bible writers . They dare to express what it is without the cover-up , so it can distinguish where the fruit orangn duku , where buag mangosteen , rambutan and where the breasts . "
Betap silly answer the reverend . Of course the answer is asbun Pastor ( original sound ) without the postulates and inconsequential , laughter greeted the audience. Well if the Priest alone knowledge of the Bible ( Bible ) like that , you can imagine the extent of his understanding of the church Herd .
God told the Prophet Hosen mating with adulterers
Read the Bible Hosea 1 : 2 , which reads :
" When the Lord began to speak through Hosea , God said He told Hosea ," Go , marry a woman of harlotry, and have children of harlotry , for the land commits great with his back to God . "
True God sent His prophet should marry a good woman to gain a good descent anyway . It was strange if God sent his prophet to marry a prostitute in order to obtain offspring bitch . That is the God in the Bible ! ! !
Al Qur'an prohibits doing bitch or adultery32 . And come not nigh to fornication ; adultery actually it is a heinous act . And an evil way . (Surat 17 Al-Isra ' 32 )
God ( Allah ) in the Quran forbids it , wisata pulau pramuka murah even closer to God forbidden adultery , let alone do it . God's counsel and sent away from indecency and evil , not the reverse order . If the Bible God told the prophet Hosea to marry and beget pesudnal sons of bitches , how may the Lord will punish the pesundal , while he himself told to do it .

Minggu, 22 Desember 2013

Kamu ingin mengetahui cara membuat website?

You want to know how to create a website? If so, then this tutorial will provide comprehensive guidance on the various alternatives and techniques that you can use. dino travel pulau tidung If you still really new term or newbie, hopefully this tutorial how to create a website can become the main gateway for you to start your adventure in the world of web creation.
Okay, let's get started.
I am sure, if you try searching on google about how to create a website, it would appear a lot of alternatives that you can use, and so many, most likely you will be confused.
Due to the time I wrote this tutorial, no one has been thoroughly discussed any alternative techniques that we can use when you want to create a website. Most I have seen only show the steps to create a website using a blog like wordpress or blogspot, but beyond that there are many more alternatives to create a website that you can do, from simple to complex.
Sure, wordpress or blogspot is a way to create a website the fastest and simplest, yet certainly has its drawbacks. I will discuss later on this. For now, let's focus on the various alternatives that exist so that you can decide what kind of website caramembuat most appropriate for you.
However, if you are interested in directly learn the steps to create a web instantly and quickly, please immediately learn the steps in the tutorial on how to make this blog.
Alternative Ways to Make a Website
How to create a website using blogs
This method is a way to create a website that is most easily and quickly. In principle, you just make a few simple steps that had been prepared by the service provider to create a web blog. Examples of these service providers are wordpress.com and blogspot.com. Usually the website address you will be like this: http://adhipraz.blogspot.com.
The advantage of using this technique is speed. You can make your website in less than 10 minutes. In addition, there are other benefits that free. You do not need to pay anything to create a website in this way, except to pay for internet access if any.
Shortage of how to create a website with this technique is the lack of customization. What is the customization? Customization is what I mean in this paper is the technique of making a website sebauh ability to accommodate the needs of different users. The simplicity and speed in the process of making a website in this technique is a strength, but also a weakness. Because it is simple and fast, it does not much change can we do to adapt to our needs precisely.
Oh yes, there is one drawback, which is by default the address of our website will be a sub domain of the service provider's website address. In the earlier example of a website address, adhipraz is a sub domain of blogspot.com. But this can be overcome by hiring its own domain and learn how to direct our own domain name into blogspot account.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for simple website, for example, keeps a diary, a personal profile, featuring products that we sell.
How do I make this type of website? Not to worry, there is a tutorial on prothelon.com why. You can see the tutorial how to create a blog on blogspot or wordpress blog on steps to learn step by step what to do.

How to Create a website using a CMS
jasa pembuatan toko online murah What is a CMS? CMS stands for Content Management System, content management systems / contents. This CMS is a web-based application that is so. You just have to download the CMS applications as needed, and perform the installation. What is required to create a website with this technique? You need to hire a domain, hosting and hire download the application.
The installation process is usually pretty simple and you can learn it quickly. How to create a website it takes about 2-3 days. Costs you need to prepare is the rent hosting and domains which start from 300 rb / year. Of course you can also use free domain and hosting at the expense of a few things such as performance and less credible domain name.
An example is the WordPress CMS provider. In addition to providing instant blog creation service, also provides CMS wordpress that we can use to create a blog. By adding various plugins, you can change and customize the CMS as needed. Another frequently used CMS is Joomla, Mambo, Drupal, and many more.
Oh yes, you can also hire a web developer to help create a website using a CMS if lazy to learn how to customize the CMS. The cost is also relatively inexpensive compared to when we create a website from scratch.
The advantage to create a website with this technique is that we can create a website that is more flexible in customization in a relatively short time. By adding the plugin, addon or components we can create a variety of applications based on CMS.
The disadvantage is costly and requires little technical expertise of CMS and supporting plugins, as well as customization is still limited.
Customization you can do with the CMS has been far more than just using the blog as the first alternative, but we are still limited by the availability of existing plugins. Try This: 4 Easy Steps to Learn How to Make a Website, Direct Practice! CLICK HERE!.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for making Layanan seo murah standard e-commerce applications, blogs, company profiles, etc..
Unfortunately, so far I have not had time to write a tutorial on how to create a website using this CMS. But you can see an example of its use with ease. While writing this tutorial, I use WordPress CMS for prothelon.com.
How to Create a website using HTML programming language, PHP and MySQL
How to create a website that is using the most advanced programming language. This method allows you to create a website that is fully customized. You can create a website just like any feature in accordance with the wishes and our needs. But unfortunately, this method requires a long time compared to most website creation techniques previously. The time is mainly for learning and making the program. In general you need to learn HTML, PHP and MySQL to be able to create a website in this way. Same with CMS, you also need to set up a domain and hosting to create a website in this way.
The advantage of creating this website is the level of customization. You can create any type of website according to your needs is very flexible. This you can do because you have direct access to the program. As information only, various types of CMS, like Joomla, WordPress which I have mentioned previously created using HTML, PHP and MySQL.
So, if you have learned how to create a website with this technique, in addition to create your own website, you can also do CMS installation and make changes to existing code in it to fit our needs. Interesting is not it?
pulau tidung The main drawback is the problem of time. How to make this website require a special expertise in the field of web programming. For that, you need time to learn and write your own programs that include HTML, PHP and MySQL. But do not worry, you can use various tools to write code like the website you are using Dreamweaver, Kompozer, frameworks, etc. that will facilitate the development process. You can also combine the use of CMS and your programming skills to produce a website that is powerful, flexible with a relatively short time.
Recommended use: How to make a website is suitable for any type of website.
Where can you learn? Not to worry, in prothelon.com, you can learn all these things. Please refer to these tutorials to learn:

Step guide to create a website for beginners.
Learning HTML
Learning PHP
Learning MySQL
Learning CSS
Learning Javascript
What is the next step you need to do? After understanding the various alternative ways to make this website, you can simply click the link that I have provided each of the alternatives to study. You can also see a collection of tutorials and articles on how to create this website.
Please read the guidelines also hosting and domain selection and various tips on choosing this hosting. If you are still confused by the term hosting and domains, please see the tutorial that describes the notion of hosting and domains. About the author
How to Make a Website Adhi Prasetio began to cultivate the creation of websites since 2001. In addition to his work as a lecturer and speaker on the topic of e-commerce, the author also has many years actively writing on the internet. Most of his writing is intended to share experiences and help beginners in learning how to create websites and internet marketing. The author is also known as Prothelord, a manager who is also a major contributor websitehttp :/ / prothelon.com which is one of the popular websites to learn to make a website. Books that have been published, among others, How To Make Easy Web Design for Beginners, Tips & Tricks Become a Master PHP, Web Programming Book Smart and Smart Selling Guide Online pulau tidung asri . You can see his profile on Google+

Imagine you are accompanying a program or majlis

Imagine you are accompanying a program or majlis. You get acquainted with people crowded in the council and give them your bisnes kad. At the kad recorded your pulau pari aman  blog URL address.

There is no need to promote Your business during the introductory session. Let them go to your blog and read what your products and services. Do not forget the blog layout 'contact form' and the edicts of your product!

This is just one example of the usefulness of the blog. Interesting is not it?
Blogs are a very powerful tool in menjana income or gain traffic (the traveler, the buyer will) to the commercial web pages. You may also do so if you know how.
Is excess blogs?
With Blog Have you permitted:
Fostering kredibiliti to demonstrate your expertise
Getting traffic is 'useless' to Your business webpage
Communicating with prospective and existing customers willing you
Promote your conventional commerce with more memorable
Adding to a series of commercial (business partner) over the Internet
and much more!

Used the Internet to search for intimation. So, the blog is one memorable way to get your commercial prospects. By writing various edicts useless blog, surely he would tersenarai in enjin lookups such as google.com or to promote continued to prospect.

Bring them to your blog and after reading them useless edicts you give, they will definitely interested in getting products and solemn Your business!

Or at least they will know your Jasa SEO  trade Existence. Well, this is another wonder of the blog!
But There's Something In Your Thoughts ...
I understand, so crowded people (possibly including you?) Who just want to begin in the arena 'blogging', especially in the process have (foster) blog dot com itself has some problems such as the following:
Do not know how to put up their own blog dot com
Troubled with his deep technical blog there is no easy and complete guide!
Starting with step one
Choosing a blog topic that is not profitable
Fearing for his deep stems no science or wrong
Can not manage blogs with good
Blogs are not well known, visitors are not crowded, the result was worth it
There is no person who provides guidance
Need to hire someone else with boarding high
And much more ...

The main issue is: Is the first step that needs to be done?
Note, so many problems faced by busy people and maybe yourself. Behold, you will face problems not coaching ranks blogs sake only, even in rank during attenuate the blog and in the effort to get traveler's blog.
Sure you want to prosper in the 'blogging' (aktiviti air-blog) is not it? If yes, then you need to get a GUIDE that can help you to build a blog is easy and what started it right.
To that end, I have bertungkus-Lumus to produce a guide for all the problems you face, especially in promoting your own blog dot com.

Introduce, Free Fostering Your Own Blog!
[This product is EBOOK, not the printed book. pulau pari Every image is just an illustration sake only.]

Facts You Need To Know:
This guide is marketed since 2006 again and got a positive response!

"I started with ZERO, but now I take pride in my own blog."
Before this I was dreaming to have your own blog you indulge in commerce is not a professional in case of using blogs useless.
You will not lose his deep sense of this ebook will help. So, do not hesitate anymore to have this ebook should you become a businessman Want PROFESSIONAL ".
Mohd Rozmie a.k.a JimieRay www.jimieray.com / blog
There is no time to read this webpage?
Click here now to Blogger's get Pakej Kit!
Ebook thick over 100 face of this letter, is now almost be yours! Inside this ebook, you will learn how to install and use WordPress blog with easy steps:
Installing WordPress blog to Hosting with just 13 easy steps!
Configure the Wordpress blog with just 11 easy steps! Now you no longer need to spend time to look for some important configuration principle for WordPress blogs. All of which have been shown in this guide keajaiban pulau pari .

Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Sepak bola merupakan sebuah olahraga yang dapat membuat lupa segalanya

Football is a sport that can be made to forget everything, even when our beloved hawai pasutri country is in a disaster, Kebituhan prices are soaring and other soccer can provide a momentary happiness Just though. With a large enough population of approximately 240 million people, Indonesia is one country that is very interesting when sports industry in sports is well managed. But unfortunately lack profesionalan the sport of soccer's stakeholders that make the sport industry is less developed. In the country - other countries Football Industry has emerged as a sports industry that brings considerable profit. Football is no longer a hobby but has become a commodity that is bought and sold. However, when looking into Indonesian Football Industry is bleak, the year 2009 when a seminar on sports industry is told that indeed every football game dipehuhi by the audience, but the audience has not been able to cover its full loss suffered club. Amid the lack of funds allocated by the government for the coaching and development of the sport in the country, we are undermining the efforts optimalisasinya. Inefficiency costs, arbitration conditions that are not considered and the number of clubs that should be bobbing in its participation in the Domestic League shows, how the football industry in our country is still very far from complete, let alone to be profitable like an industry.
One of the most prominent is the inability of clubs to manage their potential into profitable business assets. Because of this, many clubs are ultimately relying on fund budget revenue and expenditure (budget) to finance the operations of the club. Unfortunately, access to budget funds is also not able to be maximized for profit. Funds flowed each year, runs for one season. Although the look is managed independently by a company, the Indonesian Super League which is currently rolling was penjual obat pembesar penis vimax not able to say independently. The majority of the shares held by the PSSI made easy PT Liga alleged intervention. One example that appears in the mass media is a case rematch versus Persik Kediri Persebaya last season. Peaches, who twice failed to hold the game against Persebaya, finally given the chance WO third victory after Persebaya decided not to attend. "We suspect the PT Liga already intervened in the PSSI who has an interest, and the game was eventually canceled should still be held for any reason so Persebaya knocked out," said manager Gede Widiade Surabaya in August. Mastery of the shares of PT Premier PSSI also make clubs become stunted for lack of sharing of benefits from the implementation of the competition. Various sponsorship contract revenue results and television rights are not properly distributed to the clubs. This condition makes the difficulty clubs increase their income. For example Arema Malang. Super League championship team last season is reportedly still a debt of approximately U.S. $ 5 billion.
It is time used as a football professional sports industry, but which must be considered now is a lot of football fans in the country who do not agree that football leads to the sport industry. An example is the supporters who say
"We are always watching orang2 life (not just sports) football from the standpoint of those who have always watched the game in the worst sector in the stadium. From the point of view that does not require orang2 comfort while supporting his team beratus2 kilometers from home. So we are supporters, we are ultras .. Reality is bitter. Football began to change! Industry towards a modern football (FUCK OFF .. We need football industry ga!) So what can we do?? Nothing! Actually, what is the advantage that football could be very famous?? As a sport it seems there is no salient advantages of football ". On the other hand, I've surveyed the people of Jakarta in 2010 that the results as much as 52% of people do not agree when used as an industrial football. They did say that the majority of the more expensive ticket price makes them difficult to break, obat pembesar vimax even a spectator said during the time he should be willing to borrow just to watch football. Even in a web ultraspss.info one supporter said: "Football audience is always seen as the bad side of human life, lower class workers, anak2 streets, hordes of gangsters .. yes the marginal .. we've equated with criminals! That's what they are now trying to change! Making the Indonesian football into an industrial producer of Money! Yes money .. money is segala2nya. All tempted to see the football industry in Europe, many clubs marchendise selling well and making money. How can they realize this?? By getting rid of our supporters, we are considered to hinder the progress of football, or impede their income?? The change does not seem that way but indications clearly visible. Ticket prices are always inflated lately like a 'ban' for supporters of the lower classes to come to the stadium. Even from our own group much to the debt and there to be able to just watch the game at home. Even more tragic is the special sector stands to have entered their supporters from non-supporters. Never in a game we saw a family sitting pretty in the northern curve!!??? Apa2an this?? The area we! we sang this place, this haven where we can express our freedom! Why do you have to sit here?? Now all the people talking about football, though still just football europe. Orang2 is what will be the target of PSSI to get into our stadion2. Those who know football from television and print media, those who only see the greatness taunya christiano ronaldo with gocekan2 killer, the women who love football just because of the handsome players in Europe, those who currently can only berate Indonesian football. We plebeian football, our football most chaotic, rich supporters ga ball here in the UK that can watch orderly, usually just football brawl here, katrok, rustic etc. .. BULL SHIT!!! You know what about football??? you know what about the supporters?? know what you think about passion, conviction, passion, honor, and dignity?? taukah you that ... in europe there victims died as a result of football far more than in our own country???? You better go on 'world of football you' a beautiful dream on screen .. because the reality on the ground may not be as beautiful as you can imagine. Indeed, the condition of our football, it feels far from an industry, it feels far from modern football dream all societies. Are we headed for a football industry that would become income for our beloved club?? Or are we headed for the industry peluang usaha online internet to tighten mercantilist nature of our football officials?? As a source of income, as a money-making??? Do not let happen!! Football here still belongs to our supporters! Then why do you want to take what we have?? Soaring price of match tickets, Banning fireworks ban put spanduk2 criticizing Indonesian football authorities, what are you looking for?? The answer is money! Mercantilist attitude that will kill us "the owner of the real football!" Do not take our pleasure, do not take our lives! " These are problems that occur in football, soccer on one side must be towards an industry that has professional sports, but on the other hand many football supporters are uncomfortable with the implementation of a sports industry, then how should implement a sports industry that can create professional and capable accepted by all societies?? one way is to build the sport of soccer industrial economy based on Pancasila. Pancasila Economy

Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

Cara Mudah Download di 4shared Lewat Hp

Before explaining how to easily download at 4shared through HP , I will explain what it is beforehand 4shared . 4shared is a medium that you can use to save the file . Before megupload file / files you are required to register in advance 4shared . Registration can be done manually and can also be done by connecting a facebook account ,Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
twitter account and also Google . The file can vary mp3 , documents , games , applications , videos , images and more. The file you uploaded nantinyna you can re-download and also can be downloaded / downloaded by others . 4shared pick the two types of members that is a Free Member and Premium . For a free member you can upload files up to ± 30GB and up to 100GB premium member .
Well if we want to download a file that is uploaded we will also be required to log in first . After that we can only download the file . But wait for a free member you have investasi murah  to wait 20 seconds for me to want to download the file and for premium members can immediately step on the gas without having to wait . Wait 20 seconds this is an obstacle for those who want to download files at 4shared via phone / mobile . Because time is 20 seconds can not walk backwards to 0 seconds or until the button download button . But not all Hp yes mate , for the time smartpohe can walk but must use google chrome or firefox browser ( Opera Mini can not well ) .
How to Easily Download at 4shared passes HP
As I mentioned above that the mobile user difficulties when downloading files that are stored on 4shared . To cope with these I have a perfect solution where you can download the file without having to register and login and also without having to wait 20 seconds , of course. Immediately, a quick and easy way to download on 4shared via HP .
1 . Find the file you want to download bisnis online murah2 . Copy all the files URL . for example I want to download mp3 toughen - old me and it 's an example URL : http://www.4shared.com/mp3/DzezS70c/tegar_-_aku_yang_dulu_new.htm
( See url drawn to be copied )how to download via hp at 4shared
3 . After that please you go to www.4server.info ( enter a url that you copied into the blank field « please see picture » then click generate link .how to easily download in 4shared
4 . Ok all is finished being downloaded file you have to wait
Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
How easy and fast is not downloading files at 4shared passes HP . Please download unlimited files , oh yes it is better if you use opera mini versions free of any kind is ok OK to .

Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Tidung Island bridge of love

Tidung Island bridge of love - An appeal of the attraction Tidung Island in addition to the white sand beaches and the scenery is very beautiful . Jembatan Pulau Tdung There is a building that is a concern to many tourists who attend this place , namely Tidung Island Bridge of Love .
Tidung Island Bridge of LoveThe bridge called the Bridge of Love for connecting between Tidung small island with a big Tidung Island , so it will look once a very close relationship as a love line between the two islands .
The beauty of the above island Tidung Bridge of Love is also very beautiful, besides you can walk around and see the sights browse sea bridge that spans a very wide , you can also clearly be able to see coral reefs with small fish that swim there and here . That's because the water on the beach island of the Song is very clear at all , and without the help of the tool you can see with good sea views .
Love this bridge has a length of approximately 800 meters to 850 meters with the central bridge of love at a height of 10 meters . Here you will see a lot of local and foreign tourists who are conducting a variety of activities ranging pulau tidung from taking pictures , fishing , lounging and swimming near the shore .
Jumping from the top of the Bridge of Love is a thing that is often done by the tourists , and it takes courage to make the leap from a height of 10 meters . It is one of the exciting experiences that you get when on holiday to the island Tidung .Incoming search terms :

Tidung island bridge of love
existing island bridge of love

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