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Sabtu, 31 Mei 2014

Consult and disease problems that arise to

Consult and disease problems that arise to the vet immediately . Handling will slow very detrimental if the disease spread to other ducks . When should note the period in which the disease started to hit and recovery estimates .
CMCPoker.com AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE , AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA3 . Feeding phase and shall be adjusted to the age of the laying ducks . Generally divided into three phases , namely a starter , grower , and screens . The third phase we can give a direct feed manufactured are widely available in the farm store . Adjust the duck with age indicated on the packaging phase feed . For granting we can adjust the characteristics of the ducks by age , the age of 0 to 2 weeks we give food on a flat container ( tray ) . Above tdua week , we can begin to sow feed on the floor , but still we give also in a flat container earlier . At the age of 3 weeks to one month , feed the ducks are familiar with on the floor . Above the age of two months , we 've been able to begin to introduce artificial feed ducks in order to get good nutrition and start producing eggs . Ration is usually made ​​in the form of a mixture of substances . Regarding the ration will be discussed in more detail in the next article . After successfully ration phase , we are able to feed ad libitum continuously and adjusted to the needs of the production .
While water , vitamins and minerals to give the ducks aged less than one week . Furthermore, through the week , we can constantly refill the water and the water position is on the side of the cage . After the ducks enter the age of one month , we created was the new drinking place with a length of 2 meters for 200 to 300 ducks in a cage and given continuously .Duck Egg Harvesting & MarketingKeep in mind , duck / duck usually spawn d
GudangPoker.com Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercayauring the early hours . So if we look at it at 6 am , it stands to reason that the ducks will not lay eggs anymore . We may issue a duck out of the cage and began to harvest the duck eggs one by one . Egg container can we make of concave -shaped basket . Do not overcook or let the store duck eggs too long for perishables . If not preserved better you market directly .

Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Regarding all the myths and research conducted by experts

Regarding all the myths and research conducted by experts , we 've never heard of taking a swallow nest can be detrimental to health . When we consume routinely swallow nest as food supplement will stimulate the organs work better . Old cells will soon be replaced by growth substances ( proteins ) that are found mainly in the swallow nest . " Increased immunity and disease away , " said cancer specialist from the School of Traditional Medicine in Henan Province , China . Concrete evidence enough for almost all homeowners consume and PokerVoVo.com Judi Poker Online dan Domino Kiu Kiu Uang Asli Indonesia swallow swallow experts and practitioners waletpun has proven it.
How Raising Pigeons : One of the tame bird species that are farmed in Indonesia is a dove. There are various types of domesticated pigeons that can be either
How Raising Murai Batu : Maintaining ornamental birds is probably one hobby that is quite often found in the community . Basically ornamental birds can be divided into
How Raising Laying Quail : tiny quail eggs is favored by many people . Management of quail eggs in the culinary world is also very diverse
Learning How Raising Parakeets : Maintaining a bird is one option hobby that can be done in spare time . But apparently , if properly engaged , the hobby
Lovebird Cultivation Method : Small-sized with approximately 13-17 centimeters tall and weighs between 15-60 grams , lovebird bird managed to attract the interest of collectors of birds , or
How Raising Walnuts For Connoisseurs of Birds : A winged animal lover , canary maintains an excellent hobby you enjoy on the sidelines of your free time . Yes ,Most Efficient and Profitable

In livestock species of birds such as canaries livestock or livestock humming bird stone as well as the birds' cattle , stable conditions is very important to note .
1 . Environmental Requirements Cages

* The area is far from the reach of the influence of technological progress and development of society .
* Lowlands with a maximum altitud
Poker757.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia e of 1000 m above sea level .
* Rice fields , grasslands , open forests , beaches , lakes , rivers , swamps is the most appropriate .
* The area is far from the disturbance of wild birds eating meat .

Rabu, 14 Mei 2014


Post-harvest handling can be a way of drying , the corn is
Agen Bola Online generally done by laying out in the sun using a mat or tarp . On sunny drying time can be done for 3-4 days . Can also use a grain dryer machine . Then corn dipipil , to immediately dried back to a constant dry ( moisture content less than 12 % ) to be stored longer , usually require a drying time of 60 hours of sunlight .
Corn processing there are 2 kinds:
1 . Processing wet ( wet process) , is a corn processing is done by soaking corn in water first so it is easier to destroy it , and after it dried .
2 . Processing dry (dry process ) , is a dry processing without soaking , usually more difficult to destroy than the wet method .
Post-harvest handling of maize are all activities carried out since the corn is harvested to be marketed to consumers , activities include : harvesting , transporting , drying , delays , threshing and storage . Post-harvest handling activities are generally carried out by farmers , farmer groups , cooperatives and traders and supported by various institutions in society in one entity , then it is called the System Handling Post
Harvest .Water spinach ( Ipomoea spp . ) Is a vegetable that is very popular , because in addition to the cheap price , also has quite a lot of takers . Vegetables are said to have originated from India , can be grown in almost all regions in Indonesia , because kale is to live w
Judi Bola Onlineell anywhere, both in the highlands and lowlands . Another advantage of kale is a relatively easy way of cultivation , the fast harvest cycle of 4-6 weeks from seed and resistant to pests .
There are two types of kale circulating in the commercial markets , namely kale kale land and water . However , this time more terrestrial kale sold in the market , because in addition to a healthier as well as more farmers who cultivate them . To cultivate land and water spinach stages what should be passed , here we show how to grow kale is good and right below :

Minggu, 04 Mei 2014

The main obstacle in this worm farming

The main obstacle in this worm farming , according Birthday is ant and rat infestation . Apart from the two animals to look out for predatory animals as well as frogs and lizards worms . But the attacks of ants and mice usually occurred only in the early months of cultivation . Birthday solutions to this constraint is to maintain cleanliness around the pool. Every day or evening out the sides of the enclosure can be sprayed water to keep it Judi Bola Online clean and free of ants.

Raising worms can be done in any area. This is the advantage of belonging to a worm, because in all the districts of worms can thrive . Importantly, the outdoor media still diusahan selembab possible. Because worms like moist habitats . Harvest time or 40 days of the completion of harvest worms will usually sidestep the poolside . While the eggs and young worms will usually menggumpul in the middle . Add Birthday .

Efforts worm Lumbricus RubellusSelain the behavior cacingnya sold in living conditions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic factory or exported out of the country , it appears using the vermi ( worm farming former media ) also conduct sale. Using the vermi is a natural organic fertilizer that has a macro and micro nutrient content complete with alkaline pH . Using the vermi manure is usually used for growing vegetables , fruits , besides rice are also suitable for organic fertilizer . To perkilo using the vermi , typically 5,000 to 6,000 Birthday appreciate rupiah .

Marketing worm , according Birthday is not too difficult .
Agen Bola Online Today, many factories pharmacy or cosmetics that can accommodate up worm farming harvest . Even some countries are ready to accommodate the worms . It is also important to forge partnerships with worm farmers to share info on sales and tips beternak worms.

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