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The main obstacle in this worm farming

The main obstacle in this worm farming , according Birthday is ant and rat infestation . Apart from the two animals to look out for predatory animals as well as frogs and lizards worms . But the attacks of ants and mice usually occurred only in the early months of cultivation . Birthday solutions to this constraint is to maintain cleanliness around the pool. Every day or evening out the sides of the enclosure can be sprayed water to keep it Judi Bola Online clean and free of ants.

Raising worms can be done in any area. This is the advantage of belonging to a worm, because in all the districts of worms can thrive . Importantly, the outdoor media still diusahan selembab possible. Because worms like moist habitats . Harvest time or 40 days of the completion of harvest worms will usually sidestep the poolside . While the eggs and young worms will usually menggumpul in the middle . Add Birthday .

Efforts worm Lumbricus RubellusSelain the behavior cacingnya sold in living conditions in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic factory or exported out of the country , it appears using the vermi ( worm farming former media ) also conduct sale. Using the vermi is a natural organic fertilizer that has a macro and micro nutrient content complete with alkaline pH . Using the vermi manure is usually used for growing vegetables , fruits , besides rice are also suitable for organic fertilizer . To perkilo using the vermi , typically 5,000 to 6,000 Birthday appreciate rupiah .

Marketing worm , according Birthday is not too difficult .
Agen Bola Online Today, many factories pharmacy or cosmetics that can accommodate up worm farming harvest . Even some countries are ready to accommodate the worms . It is also important to forge partnerships with worm farmers to share info on sales and tips beternak worms.

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