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Post-harvest handling can be a way of drying , the corn is
Agen Bola Online generally done by laying out in the sun using a mat or tarp . On sunny drying time can be done for 3-4 days . Can also use a grain dryer machine . Then corn dipipil , to immediately dried back to a constant dry ( moisture content less than 12 % ) to be stored longer , usually require a drying time of 60 hours of sunlight .
Corn processing there are 2 kinds:
1 . Processing wet ( wet process) , is a corn processing is done by soaking corn in water first so it is easier to destroy it , and after it dried .
2 . Processing dry (dry process ) , is a dry processing without soaking , usually more difficult to destroy than the wet method .
Post-harvest handling of maize are all activities carried out since the corn is harvested to be marketed to consumers , activities include : harvesting , transporting , drying , delays , threshing and storage . Post-harvest handling activities are generally carried out by farmers , farmer groups , cooperatives and traders and supported by various institutions in society in one entity , then it is called the System Handling Post
Harvest .Water spinach ( Ipomoea spp . ) Is a vegetable that is very popular , because in addition to the cheap price , also has quite a lot of takers . Vegetables are said to have originated from India , can be grown in almost all regions in Indonesia , because kale is to live w
Judi Bola Onlineell anywhere, both in the highlands and lowlands . Another advantage of kale is a relatively easy way of cultivation , the fast harvest cycle of 4-6 weeks from seed and resistant to pests .
There are two types of kale circulating in the commercial markets , namely kale kale land and water . However , this time more terrestrial kale sold in the market , because in addition to a healthier as well as more farmers who cultivate them . To cultivate land and water spinach stages what should be passed , here we show how to grow kale is good and right below :

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