Selasa, 29 April 2014

Yes , players Argentine passports do hard kick from outside the penalty box ,

Yes , players Argentine passports do hard kick from outside the penalty box , but the ball was tipped by goalkeeper Villarreal , Asenjo . Not long ago , Messi also get a chance to equalize the score . Through the set-piece , Messi tried to direct the ball BUAHPOKER.COM AGEN POKER DOMINO ONLINE UANG ASLI INDONESIA TERPERCAYA TANPA ROBOT into the top corner , but Asenjo was able to block the ball .
Busy attacking , Barca actually re-pierced . Starting from a quick counter-attack , Javier Aquino measurable release bait into the Barca penalty box . Villarreal midfielder , Manuel Trigueros capable of heading the ball perfectly without escort Barca defender . Villarreal continues to lead with a score of 2-0 !
Disadvantaged , Martino was immediately enter Cesc Fabregas and Cristian Tello who replaced the role of Alexis Sanchez and Xavi . Soon the two players entered , Barca get a goal . Yes , Villarreal defender , Gabriel Paulista one anticipates kicking the ball Dani Alves . The ball actually went into his own goal , the score was changed to 2-1 .
Motivated goal back , Barca continued to bombard the Villarreal defense . Messi was again getting gifts free kick . However, it is still able to kick the ball Messi denied by Asenjo .
Barca get a goal back and again from suicide Villarreal , Mateo Musacchio in the 78th minute . Almost the same as the first goal , intends to block the ball from Alves , Mateo and instead headed the ball into the net himself . Notch changed to 2-2 .
Barca continued to press finally managed to Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya turn things around in the 83rd minute . Lionel Messi so Barca savior thanks to his goal , Fabregas assists utilize to bring Barca back ahead 3-2 . Until the game was over , the two teams are not able to add another goal .

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