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If at all possible, put the cat in the air-conditioned space

If at all possible, put the cat in the air-conditioned space. And perdengarkanlah classical music when he was in his cage because this could make it quieter.
8. Comb the feathers with a special comb for cats to AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE, AGEN JUDI DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA  be more presentable
How to Choose the Persian cat As breeders Before we buy or persian cats, lots of things to think about before starting to breed cats, especially Persian cat. The decision to marry this cat really should be considered carefully. The purpose of breeders should be clear, if you want to get persian champion (show quality) or just regular quality (pet quality). Breeding site planning should also be fixed, taking care of the pregnant mother and later taking care of kittens is not an easy job. In addition it should be painstaking and patient, also needs to be done with a sense of compassion and responsibility. There are three standard quality cat cat fans categorized by the organization. Third quality standards can be used as a reference or guide in choosing and buying a Persian cat. This quality standard is based on the cat's own maintenance purposes.
1. Pet quality Is a cat who does not entirely meet the standards, both genetic perfection, color, and shape of her body. Generally these cats maintained only for pleasure.
2. Breed Quality In contrast to the only pet quality are maintained for pleasure, cat breeds quality is a quality that can be used as a cat parent. Cat breeds quality is better quality than pet quality, but lower than show quality.
3. Show Quality Cats show quality standards are cats who since childhood have shown the best quality compared to other cats, so breeders (cattery) categorizes as a cat contest and sell the most expensive price. a) Sex Actually election by sex kitten depends on the wishes or interests us. The difference is easy to determine the sex of the cat. If the distance between the anus and the genital somewhat distant and sex hole is round, we can be sure the cat is male. In the female genital elongated holes or slits formed. b) Age Beginners are advised to buy and maintain the cats are still puppies. Generally, kittens adapt faster than adult cats. Besides, the behavior is more cute and adorable, so much fun its owner in understanding the character of Persian cats. Ideally kittens purchased 10-12 weeks old, that has been weaned from its mother and was independent. c) Situs Judi Poker Online Terbaik Terpercaya  Should the condition Observing ask about the condition of the cat to the breeder's health or congenital disease. Ask vaccination card anyway. Also checked his weight condition and completeness of its organs.

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