Selasa, 22 April 2014


Feeling a bit confused and afraid of unemployed because there is no work calls , I just made a mistake a second time , that I signed up to a
Gudang303 Agen Bola Resmi Promo 100% SBOBET-IBCBET Jelang Piala Dunia 2014  company without consideration and research in advance to the company . At the moment there are openings for the position of Experienced Engineer in PT Posco South Asia , I immediately send data via e-mail application , and it turns out my application be taken seriously by the company . Hose 5 days later , I was contacted by the HR manager then he said , " Satria , we invite you to interview directors " and I replied , "Yes you can, I will come " In my heart confused why can directly interview the directors ? ? Moreover, I am no relation there . On the day of the interview arrived just realized I have not studied the company profile have not even had time to refresh my knowledge of metallurgy Due to busy helping parents work before getting a job . I just prepare for the interview by speaking english , and it turns out I was surprised because the Korean people interviewed directly . Lots of missunderstanding because english accent confuse my personality to the session still confident. However , current knowledge of the session there are some questions that are not answered properly due to forgetfulness or lack of preparation . Finished the interview I did not expect much get away at this company and it's true interval of 2 weeks I get an email reply is not received and only acknowledgments have participated .
At the same time after the announcement PT Posco , I got a call from HR PT Gajah Tunggal to follow psychological tests in the factory area Jatiuwung Center , Tangerang . And here I am applying for the position of Research and Development since no engineer position , I immediately try to ask the parents whether to agree with the position and company . And it turns out my parents do not agree with this choice because there are many considerations apropos relatives and parents who work here do not recommend to proceed . I try to think that a single elephant tire product is in demand as become consumable goods in any kind of motor vehicle or even car requires a lot of big truck tires surely buttresses this company will have a very large profit every year and be a good business prospects , but in I would look at the other side disadvantage in accordance with passion obey and then I chose not to continue .
A few weeks later I got a call back from the company's invitation psychological test large PT Bluescope Steel with Graduated Trainee position , but was told that the test is tomorrow morning at 08 o'clock in Jakarta . Meanwhile, when it was H - 1 and I got a call at 16.30 and the out of town helping my dad work project . HR was re- affirmed " Is it Mr. Satria follow psychological test tomorrow morning ? ' I try to think for a moment that it was clear affirmative and I can not remember the words of a friend that if there is a call not to ask for test work schedule because surely disappoint HR and possible we will not be a big name in the process ( blacklist ) . With a heavy heart I am desperate to say " I 'm rescheduling for psikotesnya
SOCCERINDO AGEN BOLA ONLINE WORLD CUP 2014 test , because it is outside the city " HR reply " Thank you , if there is another schedule we will inform good afternoon " . I feel strongly positioned to support and could only surrender and principled if fortune will be facilitated . A few weeks later the prevailing theory is true , there is no response to the call again . Yasudahlah ~

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