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Rely on proven strategies business success . It takes creativity and courage to realize the idea of ​​developing a business . One of them is to open a branch alat bantu sex  .

It did not take long to open a branch . The range of six to eight months is enough . Of course the length of time depends on the type of business. But interestingly , as said by the inventor of the concept Pecel Lele Lela , Rangga Umara , the timing is very relative depending on the courage of the entrepreneur .

According Rangga , within a period of eight months , the business should be developed . This is what happens to Pecel Lele Lela . In three years his business trip , this restaurant has grown to 14 branches in the Greater Jakarta area .

In principle , the opening of a branch aims to bring business to the customer . That is , bisnis online  fans can access the products you closer and faster . Or products can be found in a number of places most frequently visited by consumers . That way , each branch could have contributed more , and growing the business in a short time . Becomes important here is the guts and confidence to experiment .

"To be brave start to open a branch , because then can learn to solve bigger problems . If kept with a single place later preoccupation , can not hone skills , " said Rangga .

alat bantu sex This young entrepreneur has never failed with four branches opened . " Four branches to be closed due to site selection mistakes , " he said .

Rangga learn from these failures and find the formula , until now successfully manages 14 branches . To begin open a branch , you have to do this :
* Confidence
* Courage start
* Troubleshooting
* Willingness to learn
* Finding a new formula
* Dare to fail ( MB - 3 )

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