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Sepak bola merupakan sebuah olahraga yang dapat membuat lupa segalanya

Football is a sport that can be made to forget everything, even when our beloved hawai pasutri country is in a disaster, Kebituhan prices are soaring and other soccer can provide a momentary happiness Just though. With a large enough population of approximately 240 million people, Indonesia is one country that is very interesting when sports industry in sports is well managed. But unfortunately lack profesionalan the sport of soccer's stakeholders that make the sport industry is less developed. In the country - other countries Football Industry has emerged as a sports industry that brings considerable profit. Football is no longer a hobby but has become a commodity that is bought and sold. However, when looking into Indonesian Football Industry is bleak, the year 2009 when a seminar on sports industry is told that indeed every football game dipehuhi by the audience, but the audience has not been able to cover its full loss suffered club. Amid the lack of funds allocated by the government for the coaching and development of the sport in the country, we are undermining the efforts optimalisasinya. Inefficiency costs, arbitration conditions that are not considered and the number of clubs that should be bobbing in its participation in the Domestic League shows, how the football industry in our country is still very far from complete, let alone to be profitable like an industry.
One of the most prominent is the inability of clubs to manage their potential into profitable business assets. Because of this, many clubs are ultimately relying on fund budget revenue and expenditure (budget) to finance the operations of the club. Unfortunately, access to budget funds is also not able to be maximized for profit. Funds flowed each year, runs for one season. Although the look is managed independently by a company, the Indonesian Super League which is currently rolling was penjual obat pembesar penis vimax not able to say independently. The majority of the shares held by the PSSI made easy PT Liga alleged intervention. One example that appears in the mass media is a case rematch versus Persik Kediri Persebaya last season. Peaches, who twice failed to hold the game against Persebaya, finally given the chance WO third victory after Persebaya decided not to attend. "We suspect the PT Liga already intervened in the PSSI who has an interest, and the game was eventually canceled should still be held for any reason so Persebaya knocked out," said manager Gede Widiade Surabaya in August. Mastery of the shares of PT Premier PSSI also make clubs become stunted for lack of sharing of benefits from the implementation of the competition. Various sponsorship contract revenue results and television rights are not properly distributed to the clubs. This condition makes the difficulty clubs increase their income. For example Arema Malang. Super League championship team last season is reportedly still a debt of approximately U.S. $ 5 billion.
It is time used as a football professional sports industry, but which must be considered now is a lot of football fans in the country who do not agree that football leads to the sport industry. An example is the supporters who say
"We are always watching orang2 life (not just sports) football from the standpoint of those who have always watched the game in the worst sector in the stadium. From the point of view that does not require orang2 comfort while supporting his team beratus2 kilometers from home. So we are supporters, we are ultras .. Reality is bitter. Football began to change! Industry towards a modern football (FUCK OFF .. We need football industry ga!) So what can we do?? Nothing! Actually, what is the advantage that football could be very famous?? As a sport it seems there is no salient advantages of football ". On the other hand, I've surveyed the people of Jakarta in 2010 that the results as much as 52% of people do not agree when used as an industrial football. They did say that the majority of the more expensive ticket price makes them difficult to break, obat pembesar vimax even a spectator said during the time he should be willing to borrow just to watch football. Even in a web ultraspss.info one supporter said: "Football audience is always seen as the bad side of human life, lower class workers, anak2 streets, hordes of gangsters .. yes the marginal .. we've equated with criminals! That's what they are now trying to change! Making the Indonesian football into an industrial producer of Money! Yes money .. money is segala2nya. All tempted to see the football industry in Europe, many clubs marchendise selling well and making money. How can they realize this?? By getting rid of our supporters, we are considered to hinder the progress of football, or impede their income?? The change does not seem that way but indications clearly visible. Ticket prices are always inflated lately like a 'ban' for supporters of the lower classes to come to the stadium. Even from our own group much to the debt and there to be able to just watch the game at home. Even more tragic is the special sector stands to have entered their supporters from non-supporters. Never in a game we saw a family sitting pretty in the northern curve!!??? Apa2an this?? The area we! we sang this place, this haven where we can express our freedom! Why do you have to sit here?? Now all the people talking about football, though still just football europe. Orang2 is what will be the target of PSSI to get into our stadion2. Those who know football from television and print media, those who only see the greatness taunya christiano ronaldo with gocekan2 killer, the women who love football just because of the handsome players in Europe, those who currently can only berate Indonesian football. We plebeian football, our football most chaotic, rich supporters ga ball here in the UK that can watch orderly, usually just football brawl here, katrok, rustic etc. .. BULL SHIT!!! You know what about football??? you know what about the supporters?? know what you think about passion, conviction, passion, honor, and dignity?? taukah you that ... in europe there victims died as a result of football far more than in our own country???? You better go on 'world of football you' a beautiful dream on screen .. because the reality on the ground may not be as beautiful as you can imagine. Indeed, the condition of our football, it feels far from an industry, it feels far from modern football dream all societies. Are we headed for a football industry that would become income for our beloved club?? Or are we headed for the industry peluang usaha online internet to tighten mercantilist nature of our football officials?? As a source of income, as a money-making??? Do not let happen!! Football here still belongs to our supporters! Then why do you want to take what we have?? Soaring price of match tickets, Banning fireworks ban put spanduk2 criticizing Indonesian football authorities, what are you looking for?? The answer is money! Mercantilist attitude that will kill us "the owner of the real football!" Do not take our pleasure, do not take our lives! " These are problems that occur in football, soccer on one side must be towards an industry that has professional sports, but on the other hand many football supporters are uncomfortable with the implementation of a sports industry, then how should implement a sports industry that can create professional and capable accepted by all societies?? one way is to build the sport of soccer industrial economy based on Pancasila. Pancasila Economy

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