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langkah mempercepat loading page

techniques that can destroy your blog site ? consider the following points :

1 ) buying and selling links .
Technics get instant backlinks from high pagerank Pulau Tidung  blog sites to buy links from them - what else passes selling services link - very risky . intentions pingin add position in SERP so kicked all the way to the tail of google .
Way out : make a fascinating and interesting content to link to the blog site with natural companions . or , when a friend indeed pingin buy links from one blog site - immediately contact the blog admin site to buy a link to the manual .

2 ) Uncloaked affiliate links.
Why Google hates affiliate ? Google seems to hate everything about the commercialized - if it's about making money for friends , google does not like it ( google selfish too well .. ) . surely if you pay google , like when buying adwords to PPC . then they can be like you . ( Too ~ )
Way out : pray that continues like google friend ( hhehe )

3 ) linking to a blog site builders spam / smelling bb 17 .
Observe orang2 dofollow comments on your blog site . when they link to the website who are less well je om eyes gugel , please remove their comments .
The way out : your comment moderation , nofollow links, or both .

4 ) inactive blog site .
When the robot google visit your blog site as well as your blog site in the middle of a server down situation . certainly long blog site perched in the SERP going to slip jauuuuhhh ~ .
The way out : use reliable hosting site . or use obat pembesar penis vimax blogspot ! hhe

5 ) Duplicate Content . ok , I think entirely dah tau . if you copy and paste blog site builders others, began about this time to stop it because the subject can destroy the image , your self esteem before other bloggers in the presence or google . cepet2an repentance so cool ...
Way out : nofollow links to duplicate content , the content block in robots . txt , or use a canonical tag google

I immediately take this guide from the master of the internet , who else if not just google a. k . A google search engine . if google words to say so ya step accelerates page loading site / blog sites :

1 . Post
number of write / articles that appear on the home page or homepage also change the speed of loading access . then the point should not show too much writing on the home page . google ngerekomendasiin if we tuh post count must not exceed 10 .

2 . Javascript and third -party links
to optimize the load speed of blog sites , google mengerekomendasiin also use google / blogger widget that has a build -in . but if we are forced to have javascript gunain third party , in order to continue to a maximum access speed of loading javascript to place such third party on a footer or at the very bottom of the sidebar .

3 . image
more and more images on the homepage then the slower speed loadnya , then his best kontrollah image size and quality using image editing programs like Adobe Photoshop . Google also said that we upload pengobatan alternatif to Picassa album site .

4 . other recommendations
when using custom css blogger friend into a blog site , as best I could put it at the top of the page to change the html

nah these few guidelines from google , then it's not just the tips of his Indonesian blogger community . automatically more reliable . * emang if my guide ngasi no sure yes . . . sob OK, investasi online pretty much for the first day , the impatient viewers pingin is time * gak komen my style rich pingin many comments alone , even though there is no , hehe

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