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Observe love notes written in the Bible that Solomon

Observe love notes written in the Bible that Solomon the following :
" May he kiss me with the kisses ! Because your love is more delightful than wine , fragrant smell of oil, the oil is gushing like your name , therefore the girls love you ! " ( Song of Solomon 1 : 1-3 )
" I sleep , but my heart is awake . Listen , my beloved knocking  agen jual alat bantu sex  . " Open the door , my sister, my love , my dove , desire - my dream , because my head is full of dew , dew drops and hair full night ! " " My clothes have I took off , if I'm going to wear it again ? I washed my feet have , if I'm going mengotorkannyah anyway ? " ( Song of Solomon 5 : 2-3 )
Read also Song of Solomon 7 : 1-8 as follows:
( 1 ) . How beautiful your steps ith sandals , the daughter of the noble character ! Curved waist like jewels , the work of the hands of the artist .
( 2 ) . Your navel is like a round cup , which is no shortage of mixed wine . Your belly a heap of wheat , berpasgarh lilies .
( 3 ) . Like two kids rusah breasts , sepertiu deer twins .
( 4 ) . Your neck is like an ivory tower , your eyes are like a pond in Heshbon , by the gate Batrabim , nose like a tower on Mount Lebanon , overlooking Damascus.
( 5 ) . Your head is like Mount Carmel , head hair purple , seorangn king captive in braids - pigtails .
( 6 ) . How beautiful , how sweet thou, created between all favored .
( 7 ) . Body figure is like the palm tree and your breasts clusters .
( 8 ) . I said : " I will climb the palm tree and holding constellations thereof . Presumably your breasts like clusters of grapes and nose breath like apples .
If we look , all the writings of the Prophet Solomon ( Sulaiman ) in the Bible , all of it like a novel stories are essentially talking about how to seduce women .
It was highly inappropriate if there is one scripture that his book contains all the praise , flattery and seduction - seduction to women .
Never in a dialogue held at our home with Christian missionaries from the United States and the Netherlands , when we asked about the Prophet Solomon's writings , namely the Song - Song of Solomon , they were both telling the truth and plain that the Prophet Solomon's writings in the Bible , alat bantu sex not the diwahyukanh God ! Well then this proves that the Bible ( Bible ) not all of them contain the word of God .
Now let us read and refer to Bible verses Ezekiel writing the following, whether or not menganung porngrafi .
Read the Bible anyway Ezekiel 16 : 7-8 :
"You have been great and are old enough , even until the days of your youth . So already plump breasts , your hair is growing , but you naked naked . Then I passed by and I saw you , that you had reached the age of love lust . I spread out my fabric and cover your nakedness unto you . With the oath I have an agreement with you , declares the Lord God firms , and you became mine . "
Read more Bible Ezekiel 23 : 1-5 :
( 1 ) . Word of the Lord came to me :
( 2 ) . "Son of man , there were two women , a child of a single mother .
( 3 ) . They played the whore in Egypt , they were engaged in prostitution in his youth , there his milk breasts touched and touched and held - held virginity .
( 4 ) . The name is Ohola tertuah and his brother's name is Oholibah . I got them and they bore children lelakih and women . Regarding their names , Samaria is Ohola and Oholibah is Jerusalem .
( 5 ) . Zdan Ohola committed adultery , was he I have . He was very lust - pusat penjualan alat bantu sex  lover to lover , to ornag Assyria , war heroes .
Continue to read the Bible Ezekiel 23 : 18-20 following :
" Because he did persudnalannya openly and show their own nakedness , so I keep away from her , like I was alienated from her sister . He did much more persundalannyah while remembering to his youth, when she engaged in prostitution in the land of Egypt, he captivated his friends to become a prostitute , who auratnyah like genitalia ass and his penis like a horse penis . "
Actually pornographic verses in the book of Ezekiel , still quite a lot , but with some of the verse , is more than enough to prove that Altab actually contains many verses porn vulgar . Never in a debate with some pastors in Jakarta , ask about the type Akami pornographic passages , one pastor said, " That's honesty in the Bible writers . They dare to express what it is without the cover-up , so it can distinguish where the fruit orangn duku , where buag mangosteen , rambutan and where the breasts . "
Betap silly answer the reverend . Of course the answer is asbun Pastor ( original sound ) without the postulates and inconsequential , laughter greeted the audience. Well if the Priest alone knowledge of the Bible ( Bible ) like that , you can imagine the extent of his understanding of the church Herd .
God told the Prophet Hosen mating with adulterers
Read the Bible Hosea 1 : 2 , which reads :
" When the Lord began to speak through Hosea , God said He told Hosea ," Go , marry a woman of harlotry, and have children of harlotry , for the land commits great with his back to God . "
True God sent His prophet should marry a good woman to gain a good descent anyway . It was strange if God sent his prophet to marry a prostitute in order to obtain offspring bitch . That is the God in the Bible ! ! !
Al Qur'an prohibits doing bitch or adultery32 . And come not nigh to fornication ; adultery actually it is a heinous act . And an evil way . (Surat 17 Al-Isra ' 32 )
God ( Allah ) in the Quran forbids it , wisata pulau pramuka murah even closer to God forbidden adultery , let alone do it . God's counsel and sent away from indecency and evil , not the reverse order . If the Bible God told the prophet Hosea to marry and beget pesudnal sons of bitches , how may the Lord will punish the pesundal , while he himself told to do it .

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