Selasa, 17 Desember 2013

Cara Mudah Download di 4shared Lewat Hp

Before explaining how to easily download at 4shared through HP , I will explain what it is beforehand 4shared . 4shared is a medium that you can use to save the file . Before megupload file / files you are required to register in advance 4shared . Registration can be done manually and can also be done by connecting a facebook account ,Agen Bola Promo 100% SBOBET IBCBET Casino Poker Tangkas Online
twitter account and also Google . The file can vary mp3 , documents , games , applications , videos , images and more. The file you uploaded nantinyna you can re-download and also can be downloaded / downloaded by others . 4shared pick the two types of members that is a Free Member and Premium . For a free member you can upload files up to ± 30GB and up to 100GB premium member .
Well if we want to download a file that is uploaded we will also be required to log in first . After that we can only download the file . But wait for a free member you have investasi murah  to wait 20 seconds for me to want to download the file and for premium members can immediately step on the gas without having to wait . Wait 20 seconds this is an obstacle for those who want to download files at 4shared via phone / mobile . Because time is 20 seconds can not walk backwards to 0 seconds or until the button download button . But not all Hp yes mate , for the time smartpohe can walk but must use google chrome or firefox browser ( Opera Mini can not well ) .
How to Easily Download at 4shared passes HP
As I mentioned above that the mobile user difficulties when downloading files that are stored on 4shared . To cope with these I have a perfect solution where you can download the file without having to register and login and also without having to wait 20 seconds , of course. Immediately, a quick and easy way to download on 4shared via HP .
1 . Find the file you want to download bisnis online murah2 . Copy all the files URL . for example I want to download mp3 toughen - old me and it 's an example URL :
( See url drawn to be copied )how to download via hp at 4shared
3 . After that please you go to ( enter a url that you copied into the blank field « please see picture » then click generate link .how to easily download in 4shared
4 . Ok all is finished being downloaded file you have to wait
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How easy and fast is not downloading files at 4shared passes HP . Please download unlimited files , oh yes it is better if you use opera mini versions free of any kind is ok OK to .

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