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other pests

other pests
In addition to mice, several other species of mammals that are pests of oil palm squirrel, wild boar, and others.
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Palm Plant Diseases
Disease-causing oil palm plantations are several types of microorganisms such as fungi (fungi), bacteria, and viruses. Diseases that attack crops in general very difficult to curb. Eradication action is commonly done is by cutting the stricken plant, dismantling, and burning.

Because it is difficult pemberantasannya, then the best course of action is to take preventive action. Some crop a little precaution to prevent or avoid the disease includes, among others, with the reisiten seedling nursery, isolation, destruction / burning trees that pain and use of chemical substances. Some penyakita important and often attack oil palms, to be elaborated further.

Blast disease (disease root)
Plants do not grow normally, weak, and leaves changing color from green to yellow (necrosis). Starting from the leaf tip necrosis and plant death a few days later. Seedlings or adult plants that attacked the roots to rot.

Mushrooms Rhizoctania lamellifera and Phytium sp.

Doing good cultivation is an efficient way for the prevention of this disease. Among other actions to make a good seedbed to seed healthy and strong, providing enough water and shade during the dry season, and others.

Basal stem rot or Ganoderma (basal stem rotting disease)
Pale green leaves and young leaves (leaf) form a little, shriveled old leaves, broken in pelepahnya, and hanging on the trunk. More stem base blackened, rubber (gum = blendok) out of the infected, and finally stem the rot with light brown color. Finally, the top of the plant and stem falling down.

Applanatum Ganoderma mushroom,
Taruhan Bola OnlineGanoderma lucidum and Ganoderma pseudofferum.
This fungus will spread to healthy plants if the roots touched the tree stumps that are sick.

Prevention and eradication
Before planting, clean source of infection. Especially if the acreage of oil palm is a former coconut plantation land or palm oil, stumps should be dismantled and burned.
Crops are attacked should be dismantled and burned. Dug a trench around the plants, and plants that have not been attacked dibumbun.

Upper stem rot (rotten disease stems on)
the color of the bottom leaves turn color and eventually die. The situation is evolving quickly got attacked leaf bud. Further decomposition occurs on the trunk. Stem rot, about 2 m above the ground, will be colored grayish brown

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Formex noxius mushrooms. The disease is closely linked to elements of K deficiency and infection by spores at the time of pruning.

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