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Worm Lumbricus Rubellus

Worm Lumbricus Rubellus
2.3. Earthworm Feed Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Online Terpercaya Indonesia Earthworms feed is very easy and practical obtained as waste decomposed vegetable or fruit waste.Could also use rice bran, corn bran smooth, low protein yield pellets. It could also be from household waste such as leftover rice, etc..Earthworms break down food equal to the weight of body weight / day.That is, 1kg seed worms will spend on food weighing 1kg also within 1x24 hours.

Image: Worms and Mixed Media Feed from Waste Vegetable

2.4. Earthworm Benefits
Very many benefits of earthworms. Can a Fish Feed, medicines, cosmetics, decomposing organic fertilizer, etc.. But in this case we are discussing the use of earthworms only limited natural food alone. Please if earthworms have a lot if you want to resell as seed or as feed. Lipstick or heat the solution Pereda is one of the products made from earthworm J

Image: Worms and Meal Worms Dry
2.5. Counts Cost of Cultivation Means Making Earthworm
To make 1 rack worm size 1mtr x 2mtr like I've made and there in the picture is as follows:
10 bamboo rod @ Rp 5,000, -/batang. Each different area prices. This has included making bamboo shelf stretcher worms and worm to medium size 50cm x 100cm soil as much as 12 litters. 1 4 tiers shelf stretcher so that the contents of 1 shelf worm contains 12 litters.For plastic tarpaulin stretcher worms 1mtr x 1.5 mtr width. Stitched with nylon thread for strength. If I buy in bulk plastic sheeting. The price is Rp 3.500/meter.
Costs in order to get the details as follows:
10 stems of bamboo @ Rp 5.000, - = Rp 50.000, -Tarpaulins media stretcher stretcher 12 x 1.5 mtr2 x Rp 3,500 = Rp 63.000, -The roof sheeting 10mtr2 x Rp 3,500 = U.S. $ 35.000, -Wall shelf worms 4 sides x 5mtr2 x Rp 3,500, - = Rp 70.000, -The total cost of Shelves worms 1mtr wide x 2mtr = Rp 218,000, -
Very cheap is not it?

SARANA99.COM AGEN TEXAS POKER DAN DOMINO ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYANote: 1 litter containing media can be filled 15kg 0.5 kg seed worms and if maintained for 4 months can produce 5kg - 7.5 kg earthworms following cocon / worm eggs are ready to hatch and can be bred again.

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