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Honey beekeepers on the island of Java

Honey beekeepers on the island of Java umumnyamengembalan honeybees into rubber plantations, Kapok, Rambutan, Longan, Mango, Coffee and Duwet. Honey is produced based on specifications that kind of interest.

Between May and September hinga this is the moment in

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which to enjoy the sweetness of honey beekeepers income from honey bees like honey from a variety of flowers, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly.

After September honey beekeepers experiencing famine, which the honey season is over. To cover the cost of maintenance of honey bee breeders generally mengembalakanya bees to farm corn, honey beekeepers here can produce corn Bee pollen and royal jelly.

The usual obstacles faced Beekeepers Honey:

Natural Factor 1 (weather):

In 2007 a ​​lot of honey beekeepers out of business akaibat yangtidak erratic weather. As our example the calculation beekeepers usually harvest the previous year longan honey around September. With these assumptions beekeepers honey bees will mengembalan Ambarawa but due to the unpredictable weather apparently failed longan flowering trees.

Breeders who are already bringing bees to the colony that would be a big loss in addition to the cost of expensive tarnsportasi too many bees are dying of hunger.

2 Community Environment

Indonesian society mengagap many
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