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Given type of feed including forage grasses

Given type of feed including forage grasses covering the ground, elephant grass, vegetables include cabbage, collards, kale, bean leaf, bean leaf Turi and leaf length, biji-bijian/pakan amplifier includes corn, green beans, rice, peanuts, soAgen Bola Indonesiarghum, bran and cake-bungkilan. To meet this need feed tambahn feed concentrates can be purchased at the feed store. Given food and drink in the morning around 10:00. Rabbits were fed bran mixed with a little water. 13.00 given little grass / grass taste and 18.00 are given in greater numbers. Provision of drinking water should be provided at home to meet the needs of the body fluids.
Maintenance Cage
Floor / base enclosure, where food and drink, food remains and rabbit droppings should be cleaned daily to avoid the onset of disease. Morning sunlight should enter the cage to kill the pests. Enclosure walls painted with lime / ter. Former rabbit cage pain
cleaned with Creolin / lysol.

Cause: the dirty blood collection under the skin.
Control: surgery and subsequent expenditure given Jodium dirty blood.
Cause: Darcoptes scabiei. Symptoms: characterized by sores on the body.
Control: with antibiotic ointment.
Cause: the dirt on the skin.
Control: use the ointment / powder Salicyl.
Ear disease
Cause: ticks.
Control: Vegetable oil dripping.
Diseases of the scalp
Cause: mushrooms.
Symptoms: sort incurred scales on the head.
Control: with powdered sulfur.
Eye Disease
Causes: bacteria and dust.

Agen Bola Tangkas    Symptoms: watery eyes and kept wet.
Control: with eye ointment.
Cause: The milk that comes out a little / not able to get out.
Symptoms: hardened nipples and hot to the touch.
Control: with not too abrupt weaning.
The cause: a virus.
Symptoms: runny nose continues.
Control: spraying antiseptic on the nose.
Cause: The bacterium Pasteurella multocida.
Symptoms: shortness of breath, bluish eyes and ears.
Control: given a drink Sul-Q-nox.
Cause: Eimeira protozoa.
Symptoms: loss of appetite, lean body, abdominal bloating and diarrhea with blood.
Control: given a dose of 12 ml sulfaquinxalin drink 1 liter of water.
Pests in rabbits generally are preda
Roller Blindstors of rabbits as dogs. In general, and disease prevention and pengendalianhama done by keeping the cage environment, appropriate feeding and nutrition meet as soon as possible and the removal of diseased cattle.

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