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Preparation of polybags

Preparation of polybags
Polybags used should be black ( 100 % carbon black ) with a length of 42 cm , width 33 cm or 23 cm diameter and 0.15 cm thick . polybag hole diameter of 0.5 cm were given as much as two lines . Distance antarlubang 7.5 x 7.5 cm . Media planting seedlings using the topsoil or loose crumb structure . If this is unavoidable , use topsoil in the form of clay . However , the media needs to be mixed with coarse sand in the ratio 3:2 . Polybags
SenangPoker.com Agen Judi Poker Online Terpercaya Indonesia   filled with planting medium to full ( about 16 kg ) , and then stamped three times in order to solidify the growing media . Charging polybags should be completed within two weeks prior to the removal of prenursery ( Sunarko , 2009) .E. Planting
The day before planting , planting medium should be watered in a polybag . Seedlings transferred from prenursery after 2-3 leafy strands and a maximum of three months old . Planting is done by making a hole in a polybag with a diameter the size of babybag . Sayat babybag using a knife carefully from the ground up to be easily removed and the media does not get shipped . Enter the seeds along with the soil into the hole , then set it to its original upright position . Press the soil around the hole to make it more dense evenly . If it is less, add a little soil to the roots through the neck . The top polybags filled with soil are not as high as 2-3 cm . This section allows a place put fertilizer , water , or mulch . Shade is no longer needed in the main nursery ( Sunarko , 2009) .F. Watering and Weeding
Watering is done every day on a regular basis by a considerable amount . If the dry season , flush seeds twice a day , on the morning and afternoon . Penyiramann water needs as much as 2 liters of water / seeds / day . Soil surface should be covered with organic felt ( mulch ) to avoid compacting the soil surface , preventing the evaporation of water , and adjust the soil moisture in the dry season . Weeding is done by removing the weeds that grow in a polybag , as well as loose soil by inserting a piece of wood . Weeding nursery land ( outside polybags ) implemented clean weeding , which is using the scratch . Rotation weeding 20-30 days , depending on the growth of weeds ( Sunarko , 2009) .G. Fertilization
The dose and schedule of fertilization is
SanaPoker.com JUDI POKER, AGEN POKER, AGEN JUDI POKER ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA highly dependent on the age and growth of seedlings . In the main nursery , more advisable to use fertilizers NPK - Mg mejemuk with composition 15-15-6-4 or 12-12-17-2 , as well as added Kieserite ( fertilizers which contain elements of Ca and Mg ) . Use of compound fertilizer NPK - Mg and Kieserite can be seen in the following table :Table 1 . Fertilizer recommendations in the main oil palm seed nursery ( g / seed )Age ( Week -

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