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ince 1990, the issue of organic farming

ince 1990, the issue of organic farming in the world began to blow hard . Since then began popping up various organizations and companie Kuliner Balikpapan s that produce organic products . In Indonesia declared Indonesian Society of Organic Agriculture ( MAPORINA ) on the date of February 1, 2000 in Malang . Indonesia has been circulating in organic agricultural products from local production such as organic rice , organic coffee , organic teas and some other products . Likewise, there are products such as pesticide -free vegetables produced by the Experimental Cangar FP UB Malang . However, organic products circulating in the Indonesian market is very limited in quantity and variety.
Organic farming can be defined as an agricultural production system that avoids or rule out the use of both synthetic compounds for fertiliz
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On the other hand , farmers have been accustomed to rely on inorganic fertilizers ( Urea , TSP , KCl , etc. ) and synthetic pesticides as a farming culture from the last 35 years . Moreover, the use of pesticides , fungicides to farmers already is very familiar with our farmers . That is what is used to control the attack about 10,000 species of insects as pests potentially around 14,000 species of plants and fungi that have the potential to cause diseases of various crops .
The reason farmers choose synthetic pesticides for pest on their land mengendaliakan al because the application is easy , effective in controlling the pest , and many are available in the market . Even during these six decades , pesticides have been regarded as the savior of crop production in addition to advances in the field of plant breeding . Pesticides on the market Indonesia is generally synthetic pesticides .
Organic Farming System is a holistic and integrated production system , to optimize the health and productivity of agro- ecosystems naturally and be able to produce enough food and fiber , and continuous quality ( MOA 2
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Actually , our farmers in the past have implemented organic farming systems by means of recycling organic waste as fertilizer leftover crops . However, with the implementation of agricultural policies kimiawa systems are growing rapidly since its launch policy of developing chemical farming systems growing rapidly since its launch the Green Revolution Movement in the 1970s knows , who prefer the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers , although for the time being to increase agricultural production , in fact in the long run cause harm to the physical, chemical , and biological properties of soil , which eventually leads to the broader critical and marginal land in Indonesia .
Organic farming systems have long diterap actually right in some countries such as Japan , Taiwan , South Korea and the United States ( Koshino , 1993) . The development of organic agriculture in some countries made ​​progress due to the fact that the agricultural products, especially fresh fruits and vegetables grown with organic farming systems ( organic farming system) has flavor, color , aroma and texture better than using inorganic agriculture ( Park in Prihandarini 1993 , 1997) .
So far, organic waste in the form of crop residues ( straw , Tebon , and the rest of other crops ) are not returned to the field but it is advisable to be burned ( so practical ) resulting in cuts nutrient cycling in agricultural ecosystems . Crop residue or other organic wastes should be used or returned to the farm so that agricultural land so that we can s
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