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This time we will discuss about how character is formed

This time we will discuss about Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia  how character is formed from generation to generation and sometimes unconsciously. Can it be ? Maybe ? Can and may , and usually is formed of Belief or faith or beliefs are passed down from parents to children . And if the conviction is handed down one , up to 7 derivatives can be wrong if it is not corrected . Well , continue to refer to this article and get a new understanding of the secret .
Belief or confidence that we mean not to discuss the matter of religion or belief of worship , which is a thought that is formed due to the repeated experience or a memorable experience . So we can simply say as a feeling of " definitely " be something . For example, you may have a definite feeling of good numeracy skills , so you have a belief or faith " wow, I was smart when counting " . That's what we mean by belief or confidence .
Belief can be something that we want or that we do not inginkan.Belief we want consciously , that belief is formed as we learn the teachings of the religion we profess that we do want to form , and belief formed from studying academic problems . We did want it so that we can be like that , suppose we learn mathematics , and so forth . Belief that form of sport exercises because we wanted to, we could have a strong belief in the case of sports example : " I kick hard , I definitely throw in" . Bandar Judi Poker Situs Poker Online Terpercaya Well next is the belief that we do not want it consciously , but yet we still have this belief . For example, fear of the dark , wow, I was in a dark place that I definitely creeps , I am definitely a cold sweat , I certainly did not dare so yes . Or maybe trauma height also wow, I can not get on a plane it a belief that we do not want it consciously , but it makes in us . Various phobias of animals , then fears of teachers dread fear of certain subjects make personal goals so underrated feelings or feelings of guilt about something - belief is the belief that we do not want but consciously enter within us yes .
One thing we might need to emphasize is why belief or any belief taught by generations this something that often parents do? Because there are often things that actually this belief is wrong but we told our children without first question , whether the belief that good or not ? So for example " hey boy do not play a cold rain later " , or " bath cepet let ya know later colds " , " If you do not eat you know you must be sick " , so it is a belief - belief that was taken from parents who presented to the child but it is not necessarily bound correctly. but if it is repeated so Bener too . Besides sekarng no longer parents who instill confidence in the wrong , but the media tv , newspapers and other media also participate in this case .
What caused this to happen ? How belief can be as easy as it is embedded and
Alfamart official partner merchandise FIFA piala dunia Brazil 2014shaping our behavior ? This explanation is very long , we need to specifically study the mechanism of the human mind , how words can shape human character . Easily , the sentence can be repeated often embedded in human memory and became a belief system . And because of the many mistakes and errors in delivering information to instill confidence triggered by the mind 's ignorance of how the mechanism works . l We never specifically studied the mechanisms of the human mind sir . As I recall the time no one had attended to discuss about the mechanisms of the mind and also it 's compounded with poor self control so that we do not want to rethink the impact of a sentence or act against our children . If that is your belief or confidence down or you teach a child that is something positive . Yes it very well at all . So suppose " son know that we are not descendants of smart people so you must be smart and intelligent child " . But if it's belief or confidence might like this " kid 's life is hard you should be diligent in order to learn a good job " , parents often do not hear his advice so .
I used to , often including those who advised like that . Must learn to work diligently so good . Correct ? The old man forgot his think you know what it should be if the value if the employee wrote bad school if he can not succeed so . Why do parents say guns you must study hard tomorrow you can create a lot of jobs . Correct ? Another belief that children often menghambati yes to success is belief parents sometimes these " kid looking for money that you have to work hard when you're smart you should " mean when you get good grades you 'll be working in the company are good . Why how ngak ngomongnya like this , " son you know why you should be clever it ? So you can make good perusaahn . So you can hire smart people " , why koq not talk like that huh ? So as that belief - belief that sometimes the parents down to the children without a second thought yes . So that we can understand how the character most people disekelilingi us . how well the character of this nation ?
So to avoid this error Bisnis Online Sederhana Hasil Dahsyat Modal Hemat  is that you as a parent you try to analyze your habits in commenting on something yes . So you see there is an event and you commented on and you try to think about whether Ko had your words were . And you might also be thinking what is the impact of my words on my son . Consider the impact of suggestion contained in every word that we often repeat .

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