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Tutorial : Desain Banner Unik Menggunakan Fotoshop


jasa desain website murah - To create a banner ( Banner Link ) certainly is an easy thing for those who understand software2 designs such as Adobe Photoshop , Image Ready , Corel Draw etc. . But for those who do not know the software2 must find it difficult . But do not worry and do not be discouraged , as I will show you an easy way to make a banner link without having to understand software2 design . Only by choosing a slightly brain -tweaking and then you can later have a banner link is quite interesting . Want to know how ?Tutorial : Creating Banner design with Photoshop . This time tips and tutorials explanation caramembuat special banner with photoshop for beginners / obat aborsi learning and less familiar with printing standard digital printing , in certain parts must be considered what size banner / banner that will be needed . Examples of such designs below :banner banner examplesstandard printing files can be viewed in the postWe start by creating a banner design / banner with the following materials :1 . Banner / Banner size 4m x 1,5 m or centimeter size 400cm x 150cm2 . TEXT banner materialOVERNIGHT pedaling and ACHIEVE SYAFA'AH" obat telat bulan Sholawatan , HADRAHAN , recitations , spiritual cleansingIn the event " Kanjeng commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad "12 Robiul EARLY 1434 HBy takmir Musholla ATTAQWA
Refer to the material that will be designed banners are Mawlid event then we adjust the bakcground religious nuances , let me just take the same picture with a quick download at the link below ;http://www.adiguna.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/spanduk-maulid.jpg
open photoshop ( cs3 cs4 cs5 version may CS6 ) this time I use adobe CS6 , buat toko online murah  and create a new document ( New Document ) in Photoshop File > New ( Ctrl + N ) and the contents of its value as an example of an imagespand1Name : fill in the file name eg ; Banner MawlidWidth: 400 heigth : 150 Resolution : 40 Pixels / Inch Color Mode : RGB Color 8 bitBackground Contents : White press OK .spand2After the above view as we enter the first background that was alat bantu sex downloaded earlier , if you want to replace with others please go on your own PC .Hover the mouse pointer on the tool bar and then click the icon MoveTool .Click on the banner background image hold mouse button and drag / drag in the direction newdocument ( white background ) , then the background through the point of view that appears in the background in full sudut2 full picture .spand3Next enter the text in the image , make each row in a single layerCreate a text layer " OVERNIGHT pedaling and ACHIEVE INTERCESSORY " stroke effect 16px gradient fill color yellow and white . please try try with colors , gradients and strokes after desire .strokealat bantu sex Create a text layer " sholawatan , HADRAHAN , recitations , spiritual cleansing " to the effects of color , gradients etc. adjust themselves in the same way on stage .Then adapt well to the next stage of the writing of the text layer to completion .For more gradient text effects and you can download here Text Gradients PSDOnce the process is complete gradient effects and save the file with the name maulid.psd , and subsequently for the purposes of printing digital printing is preferably fie made ​​in jpg format with a way to save as jpeg file . ( recommended if digital printing to bring the file format in the form of JPG files )- See more at :How to make it very simple , namely iklan baris gratis tanpa daftar :1 . Go to site http://cooltext.com2 . There will be instantly displayed various banners provided. You just select the banner you like.3 . After that will come fomr for menstting banner that has km chose earlier . You can set up textnya , text color , background color , size , effects, etc. .4 . If it was comfortable and click the " Rander Logo "5 . Wait a moment until the process is finished rendering .6 . Bannermu will then own company , miles can take it by clicking the " Download Image " . and save your banner .7 . Usually the file will be a banner gif file .Design shirt / t - shirt is salau one part of the visual arts is quite pulau tidung interesting to work at , be it for business purposes , as well as just a hobby for personal purposes . On this Photoshop tutorial , we will learn how to make the preview look at the design template t - shirt to make it look realistic so that the end result is quite representative of the conditions jersey after being produced / screen printing . This tutorial is very simple and can be followed easily . :)
STEP 1 obat pembesar penis
Open Image in photoshop t-shirt template . If you do not have a shirt template , please find googleMaking T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Use the Pen Tool to select t-shirts , for who do not know how to use the pen tool to make a selection
Making T-Shirt Design in pulau tidung Photoshop Preview
In a state of active t-shirt selection , click the "Background" layer , then press Ctrl + J on the keyboard . It will display a layer on top of layer " background " in the form of duplication based on the selection that was made ​​earlier .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Click on " Layer 1 " , pasang iklan online then press Ctrl + L on the keyboard to make the adjustment level for that layer . Adjust the settings in the adjustment level as shown below . This step will make the color t-shirt on " Layer 1 " to be bright white .
Making T-Shirt Designs Preview at Preview PhotoshopMembuat Shirt Design in Photoshop
Change the blending mode of " Layer 1 " to Multiply . This step makes obattelatbulan.net the parts that appear in the layer 1 is only a shadow folds clothes .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Now it's time to enter t-shirt design . T-shirt design in this tutorial I created in Illustrator , it does not matter if you design in Photoshop or CorelDRAW , the steps are the same. Entered briefly into Illustrator to design copy ( Ctrl + C ) .
obat telat bulan Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Back again to Photoshop , then press Ctrl + V to paste into Photoshop t-shirt design .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Click the layer " vector smart object " ( layer t-shirt design ) , Then press Ctrl + [ on the keyboard to position the layer below layer 1 t-shirt design . Now preview the design looks alat bantu sex murah more realistic because of the shirt crease shadow " layer 1 " shown above .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
Now we are going to make a t-shirt design that can be freely positioned on the template . The trick , press the Ctrl key and click on the alat bantu sex layer thumbnail 1untuk take the form of object selection based on Layer 1 .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview
While the selection is active , click on the " vector smart object " and then click the Add layer mask icon at the bottom of the layer palette . Mask layer will be formed based on the current selection and the selection function for the outside part is not visible in the work area . If so, click on the layer thumbnail rantaidiantara " vector smart object " and a layer mask to bisnis online eliminate them .
Making T-Shirt Design in Photoshop Preview - See more at :After getting bannernya miles then the next step so that you can attach the banner with earlier file menguyplaod to webhosting . You can obat pembesar penis menguplaodnya on photobucket.com . disanan day you will get a link to your banner .Own RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a software that function to facilitate us in Constructing a poster , banner , or pamphlet , that it is also for the creation of signature tablets sob . To design my friend does not need to bother mikirinnya because RonyaSoft Poster Designer provides a variety of templates are ready to use . Thus this article that discusses about how to create a poster and banner design . jual alat banyu sex Hopefully this article useful for my friend who wanted to make a poster or banner .There are various ways to make one of them could be your banner design itself according to pictures that you like . Banner usually used to enhance the look of your blog or can also be used as a medium to exchange your link in the form of images .
Okay this time I will tell you easy steps , the first pulau pari way is the way that I liked because we could create our own according to their likes .

How to Manual ( make banners with designs from Photoshop )
Open your Photoshop application
Click the menu FILE >> NEW , after you open a new worksheet give your file alat bantu sex  name in this case my member name then given size BANNER WIDTH : 2.89 cm and HEIGHT : 0:53 cm . possible for your size looks too small , but hopefully the results will be interesting
Click the HORIZONTAL TYPE TOOL ( T ) type in a word in it , for example I typed the text " CICCIKONI " change into the form of the letter : Arial Font size : 9 pt and then click the color to dye your earlier posts
To add a picture click FILE >> OPEN and then select your favorite images . For ease of viewing both files open click menu WINDOW >> Arange >> Cascade after the sliding image banner earlier into the alat bantu sex  image file you created , if the image size is too big of banner sizes you can resize it by clicking the Show Transform Countrols .
Save the file by clicking the banner you made ​​FILE >> SAVE AS given file name then change your file format in the form of * . GIFT and save on your computer . Example : ciccikoni.gift
Well -made banner be your own creations

After you save into your server computer , you can enter pulau pari the banner image into your wordpress.com .
Log in to your WordPress Dashboard >> MEDIA >> Add New . After successfully added click the Show then copy the http address of your picture as an example :
To save the following into your sidebar is the trick :

href = " http://ciccikoni.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/bbr.jpg " >
Click to login to your WordPress DashBoard peluang usaha online  - > Appearance - > Widgets - > TEXT enter the following code : <a href="http://ciccikoni.files.wordpress.com/" title="Cicci koni" target="_blank"> <img border="0" src="http://ciccikoni.files.wordpress.com/2010/07/ciccikoni.gif" alt="Cicci Koni"> < / a>
Replace the words underlined with red wordpress ID , title change to name your blog . While the blue text is the html code of your banner image that you upload into wordpress . then save
Wordpress sidebar screen then you will look like this
Good luck " be creative " tricks Banner for more information click here may be useful

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